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Here you will find the lastest content, news, announcements and stories from the elysian fields. If you like to participate with your Blog article as a Guest Blogger, feel free to contact us!

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We have received a lot of questions about the differences between the classic xpressor and the xpressor|neo and if it's really worth it to upgrade. We say yes and you can read why.
There are a striking number of passionate people in our industry, both on the manufacturer and user side, who talk about their work with glowing eyes. In the vast majority of cases, I look for my interlocutors on the user side, but it's not always so easy to tell user and developer apart, because there are also contemporaries who - for good reason - are on both sides. One of these audio enthusiasts, who enjoy the privilege of being able to build the equipment they would like to use themselves, is called Ruben Tilgner and is the owner of the German analog equipment specialist elysia.
This blog post starts with supposedly simple questions: Did we have higher quality music in the last decades compared to today's standard? What constitutes high-quality music anyway? The fact is, the concept of quality can be looked at from many angles.
The great advantage of headphones is that they always offer the same acoustic landscape. Therefore, it does not matter where you are with them. Headphones offer a tonal home that provides an identical working basis day after day.
There are many different reasons for composing music. The question is exciting: "For whom do I actually compose? Who should hear my music production?". Get inspired by the Lean Production Method.
Are you planning your own podcast? We'll give you the essential tips to create crystal clear, transparent and impactful podcasts.
How did our way of working on music productions change? Do we really focus on listening or do we get too distracted by visual?
In this Blogpost we will give you deep insights on how to master your music for Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon Music, Apple Music and other Streaming Services.
This Blogpost is about Gain staging and the integration of analog hardware in modern DAW Systems. The results? -18 dBFS is the new 0dBu.
Are you suffering from annoying latencies in your audio production? Please read this blog post to get the background about latency and how to solve it.
You want to know how the elysia product range differs between 500 Modules, 19" Racks and qube? Is the sound on all machines identical? Here you will find the answer!
You'd like to know, how an elysia compressor works, what compressor you can use for which music styles, single sounds, instruments? Here you will find all the answers.
We had a great idea sending a rack with all our 500 Series Modules to talented music producer, musicians and mastering engineers in the US.
The second and last part of the Transient Designer Story from Ruben Tilgner, the inventor of the Transient Designer | Transient Shaper Technology and CEO of elysia GmbH.
The invention of the Transient Designer / Transient Shaper Technology from Ruben Tilgner, CEO and Founder of elysia GmbH. The first part of his Story about inventing one of most popular technologies in audio processing of the 90s.
Analog to Go. Everywhere. Here’s an update on the long awaited release of the elysia qube series. As you may already know, the qube series is a super portable and lightweight analog soundprocessing solution based on our highly acclaimed 500 Series.
Today we have announced that the extended version of our popular xfilter 4-band stereo equalizer is now available as a Mastering Edition.