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Our Story

Technology meets Creativity

The beginning was an obsession. Would it actually be possible to really build the alpha compressor we had in mind, with all the features and sound characteristics? Well, it was…

Since then, elysia has become a union of creative audio enthusiasts who have a clearly defined objective: The development and production of high-quality audio equipment featuring that certain something. We do not want to settle for the status quo and rehash existing concepts time and again. Our goal is to adapt our products to current demands in everyday studio life with an exciting portfolio of modern audio solutions for musicians, producers and engineers.

The initiators of the company founded in Nettetal (Germany) in 2005 are Ruben Tilgner and Dominik Klaßen. Affected by countless live and studio experiences as well as many years of pro audio occupation, they finally created elysia in order to make their personal sound philosophy come true. Then as now, many of our team members play multiple instruments and has their own projects as musicians and engineers. We dare say we know what we are doing. And why.

The independence of our enterprise enables us to follow extreme paths in our work. We like to try a lot, and we are only satisfied when there is nothing left to improve. Besides, we never discard unconventional ideas airily – we test all of them and never form our final opinion before doing so. Our most important rule is that the ear always comes first, but we also like to please the eye by reflecting the inner values of our processors on the outside with an exclusive design.

These are the fundamentals our products are built on. Our deep knowledge in discrete class-A electronics is the basis for turning even tricky ideas into reality, and for the most important thing of all: an unforgettable sound-quality. Our audio processors use top grade components, giving you the perfect workflow and reliability, and the implementation of innovative features without Voodoo, but with a real profit in daily usage. And we’ve only just begun.

About us

Meet the Team behind elysia

We truly love what we do and we’re happy to care about your music!

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Ruben Tilgner

CEO & Founder Development

Ingo Schulze

Production & Support
Testing | Repair

Frank Weber

CNC Manufacturing Design | Construction

Stephan Taubensee


Meike Orthen

Back Office

Stefan Colsmann

Product Specialist
Content Manager

Anke Böttcher

THT Assembly | Shipping

Jacqueline Tilgner

Device Assembly

Alfred Tilgner

Production Expert
Device Assembly

Lisa Biegner

THT Assembly

Phillip Tilgner

Mechanical Manufacturing

In-House Design & Manufacturing

Design & Manufacturing

Quality made in

Quality made in Nettetal | Germany

One of the most continuous positive aspects which keeps appearing in reviews of elysia gear through all the years are sound and build quality. This does not come by chance. Every single elysia product is developed, manufactured and tested in-house by our experienced and trained staff here at our headquarters in Germany. Our production is very structured and supported by automated measurement equipment, a lot of custom tools and clearly visualized assembly instructions. This really makes a difference, as it helps to implement our demanding standards into each and every product we build, followed by computer-aided calibration and testing before finally send out to you.

SMD Production

SMD (surface-mounted device) technology offers many possibilities for modern and high-quality PCB board production. Our own production offers us great flexibility, fast response times to the order volume and efficient storage of our PCBs and components. Prototype assembly is also a great time saver for our in-house development, as no components or boards have to be sent back and forth to external facilities. In our production of SMD boards the amount of solder paste is applied to the boards that is needed with a template. In the second step, a Pick & Place machine places the components at the exact location on the board (shown in the picture). Finally, the board is soldered by a vapor-phase soldering system and is ready for further processing.

CNC Milling

We are particularly proud of our mechanical production. All our products rely on specially milled components. From the front panel to trim parts – many of these components are machined out of solid aluminum with our high-precision CNC milling machines. With these machines, we manufacture the front panels for our 19 inch and 500 series among other things. The extremely elaborate housing of our alpha compressor is also a product of our own production. In addition, special devices and little helpers are also manufactured to assist the assembly of our products in order to ensure the high quality standards of our devices and to make production as efficient as possible. Thus, even the complex component in series production is not an exclusion criterion for us, but serves as an incentive to continue to improve the special haptic and independence of our products.

THT Assembly

Today, our machines already support us in many production steps. But sometimes the precision of a human hand is irreplaceable. Our THT (through hole technology) components are placed on the boards by hand with visual assistance through light point systems. After that everything is being controlled and finally machine-soldered. These include connectors, larger capacitors or transistors and, the potentiometers. These components are always within reach, so that the workplace is as ergonomic as possible and supports the worker. If a component is empty, it can easily and quickly be refilled in our central storage.

Selective Soldering

Precision and perfect solder joints in one step, without a person having to stand next to it paying attention – That was the claim we had on a selective soldering system. With the current system, we can guarantee exactly this. In selective soldering, only the areas of the board that have been previously determined and programmed are soldered. The solder nozzle is permanently protected from oxidation with nitrogen which, you guessed it, is produced in-house in order to be independent by external suppliers or raw material shortages. With this method it is also possible to solder between THT components, so that a circuit board can be soldered from both sides. The result speaks for itself – a clean PCB with perfect solder joints.

Efficient Assembly

The production of our devices here in Germany is something we are very proud of. Every single screw, every front panel, every circuit board and every knob is made at our location in Nettetal by our qualified employees. In order to enable this performance, there is a highly efficient system to support these steps. Various components are in direct ergonomic proximity and small parts such as screws, nuts or cables are provided automatically for the respective work step via a computer controlled turntable. The necessary tools for assembly are also directly accessible, so that nothing stands in the way of the perfect assembly of your device.

CNC Automatic Lathe

Another highlight is our CNC automatic lathe. With this high-precision machine, we are able to manufacture all turned parts for our devices completely in-house. We use raw and solid aluminum round rods from our local suppliers, to machine the controls which our customers love. This machine allows us to manufacture the highest haptic quality – from the small skulpter|500 knob to the multi-part alpha compressor controller. During the manufacturing process, we dispense with the commonly used lubricating oils and use water-soluble and biodegradable cooling lubricants of the newest generation – to protect our employees’ health and our environment. You can feel this high effort and the meticulous approach in our production when you operate an elysia device for the first time.

Laser Engraving

Nothing is as precise as a laser. Exactly for this reason, we have decided to switch from the classic printed front panel to a laser labeled front panel. Our laser allows us to ensure razor-sharp labeling of the device parameters and names. From fine strokes to clearly readable values, everything is possible. But the best thing about it is that it is for eternity. Gone are the days of the no longer readable lettering, because the print is gone – our lettering lasts. Whether it is our alpha compressor, or our high-end preamp skulpter, each of our devices receives the optimal quality, durability and precision of the labeling.

Construction & Design

The outstanding design of our devices with high recognition value is always very popular with our customers. The timeless and unmistakable exterior of our devices is created in our in-house construction and design department. We work with the latest 3D CAD/CAM systems in modern and light-flooded workplaces in order to support the creative development of our employees to the maximum. Thus, even with new developments, we are able to simulate even the most complex housing construction and design it as effectively as possible for later production. Every little detail is discussed in the team and checked for practicality and durability by the in-house production of the component. The solid and well thought-out construction of our products serves the purpose of handing over sustainable and extremely durable devices to our customers – the design speaks for itself.


Our in-house development of all our products is something really special. There are only a few analog developers left in the world who have the knowledge and ability to design and implement analog circuit design in products. Designs are often rethought, old is improved and tonal perfection is sought. Due to the refinement of our production, fast prototype development is now possible. Where we previously had to wait weeks for a new prototype to check if everything works, it is now only a matter of 3-4 days.

Ruben Tilgner, our CEO and developer, known among other things for the development of the Transient Designer, is always developing new circuits and designs in order to give our customers ingenious tools in the future – be curious!

Testing & Service

Here at elysia, we maintain a principle that reflects our quality: every device and board is tested and checked for correct function. All this happens in our testing & service department. After the boards come from the THT department, each board is being tested with a special test adapter before installation in a device. The final fabrication of the devices follows in the assembly. Before the device is then packed, a final inspection takes place, where in addition to the audio precision measurements, we also do an audio test to hear every subtlety. In this test, we can hear directly whether a device meets our own requirements before it is sent to the customer. We do this with every device we deliver.

Modern Storage

The storage of the many individual parts for our devices is also trimmed for efficiency. Where you may be looking for a long time in other companies, or just have to find the right person from the warehouse who knows his way around, we have optimized the finding of the many components – there is simply no more search. If a component is empty in device- or THT assembly, there is a barcode on the compartment that can be scanned with our mobile scanner. A system is installed in the warehouse, which indicates the exact location of the component by light signals. As a result, every component can be found quickly despite the random warehouse location. This is a very helpful system when refilling the components, but also when receiving goods. With this time saving, we can invest even more energy in the production of our devices.

Solar Powered

As you can imagine, a company like ours is filled up with tons of electronics and tech stuff. However, as a truly pleasant balance, our headquarters are located right in the middle of our own miniature park. Yes, we’re surrounded by lawn, birds and bushes, and we actually grow something like 50 trees of different species on the elysian fields. The roof of our building is equipped with a 27 kilowatt peak solar panel system, so we’re enjoying every sunny day twofold. All illuminants have been consequently replaced with low energy LED alternatives. And in our daily work, we take care to keep the inevitable ecologic footprint of electronics production as small as possible.

High-End Studios

All of our products ready and wired up for YOUR music

We’re located in North-Rhine Westphalia Germany and provide a Customer Experience Center with two studios to get hands and of course ears on our products. You can also talk directly to the developer of all of our products, Ruben Tilgner. Ask him everything you always wanted to know about our Pro Audio Tools, or meet the people who build these products for you.

You’re always welcome to stop by and have a chat about our products or music in general! It would be great if you could give us a call or write an E-Mail beforehand so that we can prepare some lovely tea or coffee for you.

Class-A Lounge

Mastering chain 1
Mastering Chain
Studio A detail
Testing and Brainstorming
1922 rack
19" Rack Units

Our Class-A Lounge is our reference studio. Here, not only new products under studio conditions can be put through their paces by us before they go into the market, but also all elysia products can be tried out by customers before purchase. State-of-the-art converter technology from RME paired with a Klein & Hummel (now Neumann) Monitor System, lets even the smallest details emerge in the mix – of course indispensable for professional audio editing. A specially developed monitor controller also gives us the opportunity to pick up and listen to the analog signal directly without converters. The acoustics of the studio were developed and implemented by Acoustic Spaces. However, the Class-A Lounge is also used for other purposes as well. Many videos for social media are created here and our CEO Ruben Tilgner uses the studio for his own music recordings and projects. Thus, when using the studio, new ideas and concepts for product ideas arise from time to time.

Studio B

Mikrofone 3
High-Quality Microphone Selection
Sitzecke Studio B 1
Meeting and Launch Area
Diffusor Wand 1
Room Acoustics for best Recording Conditions

Our Studio B is the large recording room. Band recordings for projects and product demos are being made. From a small acoustic set to a rock band, everything has already been recorded here. A selection of high-quality microphones is also available to test the frontend in the recording process. Of course, the microphone signals are amplified with our own high-end preamp, the skulpter|500, before they can then be recorded. Due to the acoustic treatment in this room, it sounds really perfect for recordings of all kinds. The treatment was also designed and implemented by Acoustic Spaces. The room also serves us to hold meetings in a cozy atmosphere, to make important decisions afterwards or simply to chat in a cool atmosphere. Another advantage of this room is that we can also set up our photo studio for in-house product photography there. All product photos that you see at our website were photographed in this room by Ingo. If we need a product video, the studio is quickly converted into a video set and Stephan records our products on video. A multifunctional room, for many purposes.



If you want to phone us or write us an e-mail please consider our office hours. We’re here for you from Monday through Friday, 9am – 5pm CET.

General Information

Sales Inquiries

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Where to find us?

We’re located in North-Rhine Westphalia Germany and provide a Customer Experience Center with two studios to get hands and of course ears on our products. You can also talk directly to the developer of all of our products, Ruben Tilgner. Ask him everything you always wanted to know about our Pro Audio Tools, or meet the people who build these products for you.

You’re always welcome to stop by and have a chat about our products or music in general! It would be great if you could give us a call or write an E-Mail beforehand so that we can prepare some lovely tea or coffee for you.

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General Manager:
Ruben Tilgner

Register Court:
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