Welcome to the elysian fields

Thank you very much for visiting us! Here at elysia, we develop and build wonderful audio tools that will support you in creating great recordings, mixes and masters. No matter if you are a musician, producer or engineer (maybe everything at the same time), we are sure that you will find truly useful solutions for your everyday work in our portfolio. We like combining a creative approach with high end audio technology in our products, so you can always expect truly modern, useful and great sounding solutions from us. If you feel there is anything we can do for you: We would love to get in touch.

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Best of Both Worlds

elysia started with a focus on high end analog gear for mastering purposes, which over the years became a complete portfolio of analog audio solutions for all kinds of purposes in different formats. But the story would not be complete without the cooperation with our software partners which has been going on since 2009.

In partnership with the skilled programmers at Brainworx and the great team at Plugin Alliance, we have created a complete lineup of cutting-edge audio plugins: elysia power for your DAW!

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New and Amazing

The Sound Shaping Preamp

The elysia skulpter 500 is the ultimate recording front end. Where else could you find an audiophile class-A preamp, super effective one-knob compressor, dual sound shaper, balanced DI, variable low cut and intelligent metering combined in such a compact footprint?

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Two Sides of the Story


Sure, discrete class-A circuitry has been around for many decades. We believe this is for a very good reason, and we just love the sound and flexibility of audio tools featuring this topology. Based on a very deep knowledge of discrete circuits, every single elysia product is developed completely from scratch. Instead of cloning what has been available for ages, we develop what we think is essential today, and we manufacture these tools by ourselves here at our headquarters in Germany.


Of course, technology is only a means of achieving something else... A deep understanding of what is possible on the tech side of things coupled with the experience and needs of numerous musicians and engineers enables us to create flexible products which truly support the creative workflow. Our tools guarantee professional and enjoyable results in everyday use, and we always walk the extra mile by adding truly innovative features, providing creative headroom for whatever you want to do.

Our Wildest Plugin!

The Incredible Sound Machine

And now for something completely different. What happens if you combine the rarest NOS components with a completely novel circuitry? If creating most interesting and organic sound flavors is the only goal? Phil’s Cascade is the glorious answer: Saturation, harmonics, distortion, coloration, filtering, interaction... anything goes.

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Thank You

A special shout out to those who matter the most: You! We are truly blessed to work in a field where music rules and people spend crazy amounts of energy to let their creativity run wild, always searching for beautiful sounds and songs to please their audiences and themselves.

We deeply hope we can add something of benefit to your very own musical journey – this is what has been driving us ever since we started. A big thank you to everybody for your solid support, welcome feedback and amazing friendship though all the years.


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