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Questions? Answers.

We put our heads together, asked all the great audio gods for advice, and even studied books to put together this great selection of questions and answers. We hope that all your questions will be answered and you will have the perfect solution for your elysia product.

The discrete class-A technology describes how the analog amplifiers are constructed. In contrast to Integrated Circuits (IC’s) the circuits are built from single transistors. The class-A mode ensures that a current always flows through the transistor and thus avoids transition distortions.

Yes, our true stereo devices can also be operated with one mono signal. Two separate individual signals are not possible. (Only possible with dual mono devices – alpha compressor, museq, mpressor, karacter, nvelope)

The input of our devices is designed to be symmetrical, the output is unsymmetrical for sound reasons.

With the alpha compressor, museq and mpressor, we recommend leaving 0.5 U distance between the devices.

No, when plugging the cable, the input is activated.

Yes, but only with the alpha compressor, museq and mpressor 19″ rack

We will go into detail on this topic in our blog post.

This is probably the question you ask yourself when you see our selection of audio compressors. To make this decision a little easier, we have created an overview in our blog post, with detailed information on all devices.

This depends on the device: Our 1U rack devices can be operated at 115V-230V, the elysia qube series at 100V-230V and with the alpha compressor, museq and mpressor the mains voltage can be read at the back under the mains filter.

No fuse needs to be replaced when changing from 115V to 230V. With the alpha compressor, museq and mpressor, the fuse value can be found on the back of the device or in the instructions.

We use a uniform fuse dimension of 5mm x 20mm.

Those who have the choice are in agony. For the 1U, qube and 500 series modules, we use the identical boards. Feel free to use our blog post here to find the best format for you.

All parts that the customer can exchange himself can also be shipped by us to the customer. Contact our support for more information.

No, within the 24 months warranty. In addition, we will always find a accommodating solution for you.

This is possible in any case, please contact our support.

For each of our devices, there is also detailed instructions in digital form in our download area.

The recall sheets can be downloaded free of charge for each product on our website.

At short distances, you have no problems with unbalanced cabling.


Troubles? First Aid.

We’ve all been in the situation that something just didn’t work after we unpacked and connected new gear. Our devices are tested and listened to several times before shipping out to our customers. Here are a few tips if the device still doesn’t work after your purchase of your new elysia product. Klick or Tab on the questions to see the answer.

This can have several causes. Check the following parameters and proceed step by step:

  1. Switch the device to bypass
  2. Bridge the audio signal path by plugging the cables together (check your cabling)
  3. Change the cables of the outputs of the elysia device (the error remains on the same side – cabling defective, error moves to the other side – contact support)

If your device doesn’t turn on or the elysia logo doesn’t light up, there may be something wrong with your power connection. Please follow these steps:

  1. Check power cord
  2. Check voltage selector switch for mains voltage (115/230V) (only 19″ rack)
  3. Check fuse (only 19″ rack)

Since it is an analog device, the synchronization is not always 100% guaranteed due to tolerance. We match our potentiometers to keep these tolerances as low as possible. 

Another advice is to change the cables of the outputs of the elysia device (the error remains on the same side – cabling defective, error moves to the other side – contact support)

Check the level on the way in to the device. You can find tips on gain staging or the best level to use for analog outboard gear in our blog post article.

Move the potentiometer several times quickly left and right, at last you can use Kontakt60 (contact spray)

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