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500 Series vs. 19″ Rack vs. qube – the elysia hardware purchase guide

The elysia hardware purchase guide | Which hardware version is right for me? 

As you have already found out, we offer you our products in different versions and you may ask yourself: “Which version should I buy? What are the advantages and disadvantages? What are the differences between the 19″ rack versions vs. the 500 Modules and the qube series?” 

Exactly to answer these essential questions and to make your purchase decision as easy as possible I wrote this short, informative and concise blog post for you which includes the ultimate elysia hardware purchase guide, so you can see all differences between 500 Modules, 19″ rack versions and qube series.

Enjoy reading!

We offer, you choose!

Basically, all our product variants offer exactly the same high-quality audio electronics with all its refinements. Whether xpressor|neo as 500 module, 19″ rack or qube – you will always get the same circuit board.

Power Handling

The voltage is identical on all variants and it’s +/- 16V. The input and output levels are the same and the usable dynamics are identical. The technical data are the same for all models and you always get the same sound. The main difference is the built-in power supply which has a small but not an unimportant effect on the overall sound.

On one hand, there is an audible hum and noise that you perceive in the direct audio range. Whether the general sound behavior changes, you will hear subtly.

In all our 19″ rack versions we use a classic toroidal transformer with linear regulation for voltage conditioning. In the qube versions, we generate the necessary +/- 16V from an 18V power supply with two separate switching regulators. These are very low noise and were optimized by me for audio applications. For the 500 module racks, there are a lot of different manufacturers and variants. There are many differences, like for example: How the power supply is built and if it is low noise. Our modules expect a quite clean power supply, otherwise, there will be audible interferences. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not release any information about the noise and the interference spectrum of their power supplies. 

Lost in Space?

A further and not insignificant important criterion for your decision is of course the space requirement.

Do you already have classic 19″ racks or is your overall space limited? Do you want to install our product permanently in your studio or are you planning an instant mobile use?

Here is a short overview of the different versions with their advantages and disadvantages:

19″ rack versions

These have the best ergonomics. The controller arrangement from left to right is logical, clear, and easy to use thanks to the haptic user interface. If you already have 19″ racks in your studio, this is the perfect solution for you.

The installation into a studio table is great for mastering. Great, because the products are positioned in front of you and you don’t have to leave the perfect and central listening position. 

All our 19″ racks also have an EXT socket for very special and exciting functionalities. The 19″ rack version of the xpressor|neo has an external sidechain and the karacter corresponding to CV (Control Voltage) control sockets for drive and mix. The internal linear power supply with a classic toroidal transformer provides a clean, low-noise, and stable power supply. 

+ Perfect for 19″ rack mounting 

+ Integrated and linear power supply for best sound aesthetics 

+ EXT sockets for special functions 

+ XLR and jack sockets for in- and outputs 

+ Sturdy and lightweight aluminum housing 

+ Optimal ergonomics for mastering and mixing 

+ xfilter & nvelope also available as Mastering Edition 

– The higher-priced version 

skulpter and mpressor|500 are not available in this model variant


The qube version is the perfect solution for you if you are looking for a very handy space-saving all-round solution. And you can be sure that there is always a place on every desk or kitchen table. Thanks to the vertical arrangement, you can comfortably stack several qubes above each other.

Are you also looking for something for mobile use?

The sturdy aluminum case is almost perfect for a tough stage, rehearsal room, or studio use. If you work at different locations, you should really take a closer look at the qube series. Simply because it fits into any backpack.

The connectors we are using are XLR and jack. Synthesizers and drum machines can be connected directly without an adapter. The jack sockets are perfect for DAW integration via an audio interface for latency free recording.

The qube is perfect for your entry into the analog world – no need to search for the right 500 rack.

Compact 500 formats that can be used immediately 

+ Perfect entry into the world of analog processors 

+ Robust, travel-ready and lightweight housing 

+ Can be stacked vertically to save space

+ Optimal for mobile use (rehearsal room, studio, stage, FOH)

+ Internal low-noise voltage conditioning with switching regulator

+ External universal power supply suitable for all voltages

+ Additional jack sockets 

500 modules – The classics

If you already own a 500 rack or planning to buy several modules, these classic models are the most flexible and affordable versions. You have a huge selection from different manufacturers and of the 500 racks and you can let your creativity run wild in the assembly. The market offers an excellent choice of options in terms of the number of slots, additional mounting in a 19″ rack, connectors, and much more.

Some manufacturers also offer great features such as summing or SUB25-D multipin connectors for audio connections. How good the respective power supplies are?

Unfortunately, I can’t usually say that because most manufacturers have no or only sparse information in their technical specification.

+ Cheapest versions

+ Individual combinations possible

+ Large selection of racks from different manufacturers available

+ 19″ rack installation possible

+ Nice additional functions selectable 

– Quality of the power supply may vary

– Most racks have only XLR inputs and outputs 

Model Comparison Chart (Note: mobile users turn landscape)

xpressor|neoxfilterxfilter|MEnvelopenvelope|MEkaratermpressor 500skulpter
19″ 1HE Rack VersionYesYesYesYesYesYesNoNo
qube VersionYesYesNoYesNoYesYesYes
500 Series ModuleYesYesNoYesNoYesYesYes
Max. Input Level+21 dBu+21 dBu+27 dBu+21 dBu+21 dBu+21 dBu+21 dBu+17 dBu
Max. Output Level+21 dBu+21 dBu+27 dBu+21 dBu+21 dBu+21 dBu+21 dBu+21 dBu
EXT Jack (only 19″ 1 HE Rack Version)Sidechain Send + ReturnAdditional OutputAdditional OutputAdditional OutputAdditional OutputDC Control Voltage
(Drive + Mix)
No 19″ Rack VersionNo 19″ Rack Version