Next Generation Transient Shaping

The nvelope is a powerful audio processor capable of making subtle or drastic changes to a sound by providing control over its attack and sustain characteristics. This is extremely useful for reshaping all sorts of individual tones, and is a wonderful tool in any mixing situation as well. Big drums? You name it!

Recommendation x2

"It's incredible fun diving into the magic world of impulse shaping when you are given such potential tools. You do not even get close to this with any compressor in the world... The nvelope leaves a very positive impression, and I would not hesitate a second to give it a strong recommendation."

Fritz Fey | Studio Magazin | Oberhausen

"If you need a couple of channels of simple yet high-quality analogue EQ and/or transient processing this seems like a no-brainer purchase. The price isn’t exactly steep considering what’s on offer here –  two channels of two different processors. Some manufacturers would charge you the same for a single channel of EQ! Recommended."

Matt Houghton | Sound On Sound | Cambridge

Three Devices in One

The nvelope operates independently of the specific level of a signal, and (unlike with compressors) you do not have to spend a lot of time trying to balance a set of complex controls to quickly get the results you seek. With its unique Dual Band mode, the nvelope gives you enhanced control over processing, and can handle complex program material as well. Additionally, its dynamics sections can be bypassed, allowing it to function as a flexible high/low shelf EQ.

Mind Changing

"I’m a transient shaping skeptic. I’ve used various products in the past but never found them very usable or musical. The nvelope changed my mind – it’s one of those processors that you’ll miss once you discover its magic. And if you don’t have tracks that need transient/sustain help, the EQ is excellent. This unit is a must hear and highly recommended."

Kevin Becka | Mix Magazine | New York

"It seems there are almost no creative limits, but endless possibilities for using this impulse shaper... I can't get rid of the feeling that everyone who has used the nvelope for processing drums will hardly want to use any other processor for this ever again..."

Michael Nötges | Professional audio | Bad Honnef

Especially when it comes to percussive material, the nvelope can be used for single tracks or the master bus with great benefit. You can form a signal and enhance its cut in the mix without deforming it too much as you would by using excessive EQ and compression.