Perfect Shape

The museq is an equalizer that combines premium sound shaping with optimally matched parameters and highest quality components, enabling the user to create musical results in no time at all. The five bands and their ample gain ranges as well as some special features make the museq a perfect choice for any tracking or mixing situation, and the stepped controllers are easily recallable for mix bus or mastering applications.

Super Fun

"As big fans of analog processing and modern sound design/tonal possibilities, the museq was a natural choice for us. While many companies chase the recreation of vintage classics, what was interesting and exciting for us was that elysia is creating modern classics.

Sculpting sound through the museq is super fun – no matter how much we boost or cut, it always sounds great. The tone of the museq is an essential part of our analog processing chain and we use it for tracking, mixing, and mastering."

Siddhu Sudarshan | The Kamasutra Lovers | Paris

Resonance Phenomena

The circuit design of the museq is 100% discrete analog technology. All signal processing is based on single transistors in permanent class-A mode, and even the power supply is composed of fully discrete circuits. In addition to the standard EQ features which cover the daily work, the museq has a couple of secret weapons for extended creative workouts up its sleeve.

Heavy User

"This is a very crisp EQ that allows tons of boost without sounding EQed – I often find myself boosting 10-15 dB without taking particular note of that ;-) The museq *can* be super clean, but the switchable slew rate limiting circuit gives it a nice subtle 'vintage' type coloring.

The bottom end is very solid, the treble very smooth yet fast – transient response on the unit is nearly scary. This EQ can be subtle, and it can as well be used for extreme curve bending while always retaining signal integrity… elysia style."

Denis Goekdag | Zynaptiq | Hannover

The encapsulated and stepped conductive plastic potentiometers are custom built to our own specifications, and they are matched to pairs for every single unit. On top of this, the museq does not use any internal audio cabling at all. The result: Superior handling and perfect sound quality.