A Matter of Karacter

The karacter is a box full of vibrant colors. It covers a complete spectrum including mastering-grade saturation, tube-inspired distortion and glorious destruction. Gone are the days when only racks full of outboard gear could achieve these elusive and highly desirable styles of tonal coloration...

New Ways

"Wow, what a great unit. We used the karacter straight away on a mix last night, and it sounded fantastic. Thanks!"

Tom Rowlands | The Chemical Brothers | London

"The karacter is a great addition to a studio, whether home or professional. It adds a new texture to the arsenal, new abilities in the way I can distort things, and new ways to apply distortion."

Nic Hard | Producer & Engineer | New York

Three Modes to Glory

This enormously creative tone-shaping solution offers two separate channels which can be set up for dual mono, linked stereo or linked and unlinked M/S operation. Integrated mix stages for parallel signal processing and the unique Color Control add to its remarkable flexibility.

Control Voltage

Did you know the Drive and Mix parameters of the karacter can be modulated or automated with an external Control Voltage? Just connect your MIDI-to-CV box or your favorite synthesizer to the CV inputs on the back panel and you’re ready to go.

The CV can cover the complete range of the Drive and Mix parameters if the corresponding knobs are set to their fully counter-clockwise position. This cool feature gives you infinite options for making your sound colorations even more individual and vivid.

The entire unit is designed with discrete class-A topology, so even the most lo-fi sounds will benefit from the karacter's high-end touch. Enhance your tracks or decimate everything – It's a matter of karacter.