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colored. dirty. saturated.


  • Class-A Stereo saturator for recording, mixing and mastering
  • Mastering Grade – controlled and precisely adjustable
  • True stereo link
  • Broad sound spectrum from extreme to subtle
  • Onboard parallel mix control
  • Switchable Fet Shred mode for tube-like distortion
  • M/S Mode
  • Color control for saturation behavior in the bass range
  • Turbo Boost mode for extreme distortion



Hear the difference!

karacter gives some color and excitement to your mixes in a controlled way!

Choose between different examples including applications like recording, mixing or mastering, use good headphones or speakers. Just press Play and A/B between the bypassed and active sounds!

Note: All audio is being processed by the analog hardware device.

distorted Bass in Mix

distorted Bass

Drums with distorted Room-Mic

Sequencer Loop

Bass Guitar

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Featured artists in these examples: Schutzschall

Note: If you have technical difficulties and don't hear audio playing back, you may want to switch off silent mode on your mobile device.


Mastering Grade Saturation

karacter can add unobtrusive coloration and thickness to your music by applying subtle (or less subtle) amounts of symmetrical clipping. This mode has a soft characteristic curve and focuses on the uneven harmonics (h3, h5, …). Remember you can always use the mix controller to blend any desired amount of saturation with your original dry path for even further signal integrity.​

Tube Inspired Distortion

Now, karacter becomes a different animal… Its clipping changes from a symmetrical to an asymmetrical characteristic, which pleasingly reminds of the style a driven tube amp would sound like. More even harmonics (h2, h4, …) come into play, and what has been saturation before is now turned into truly musical distortion. Be sure to make extensive use of the Color controller in this mode!

karacter close left

Color Filter

The Color Filter is a unique, complex filter network controlled by just one single knob. This is something really different from the simple top end roll-off filters found on many distortion devices, as it is much more flexible and integrated deeply into the saturation circuits of the karacter.
So, this filter does not change the frequency response after it has been formed, but instead it is an essential part of THD generation itself. It gives you a wide range of coloring options and several amazing sweet spots ranging from dubby growl to steely punch.

Glorious Destruction​

Turbo Boost puts the FET Shred mode on steroids.

It shifts the operating point of the distortion circuitry, resulting in a signal structure which is even more asymmetrical than before.

This will become most obvious at higher settings of the Drive controller, sounding great for industrial styles, mangling samples, brutal guitar sounds and much more.

karacter close right

Integrated M/S Matrix

M/S technology is commonly known as a variant of stereo microphoning. This technique uses a microphone with cardioid pattern for the middle signal (M) and another one with bi-directional pattern with an offset of 90° for the side signal (S). The integration of an M/S encoder and decoder into a saturator generates new potentials that classic stereo processors can hardly offer. One of the main advantages is the possibility to process the middle and side signals separately. This way you can make the center sound fatter without corrupting the original stereo spectrum, for example. Of course it is also possible to apply heavy distortion to the side signals without affecting the mid at all, and anything in between…

Dual Mono or Stereo Link

karacter gives you ultimate flexibility!

Dual Mono:

This gives you two fully independent channels of saturation/distortion/destruction – two units in one!

Stereo Link:

Both channels are linked and controlled by just a single set of controls for comfortably processing stereo sources.

M/S Mode:

This gives you the option to process the mid and the side signals completely independent from each other.

Control Voltage (only 19" Rack Version)

Did you know the Drive and Mix parameters of the karacter can be modulated or automated with an external Control Voltage? Just connect your MIDI-to-CV box or your favorite synthesizer to the CV inputs on the back panel (EXT1 or EXT2) and you’re ready to go.

The CV can cover the complete range of the Drive and Mix parameters if the corresponding knobs are set to their fully counter-clockwise position. This cool feature gives you infinite options for making your sound colorations even more individual and vivid.

How we build karacter

Learn more about our manufacturing process

manufactured link



A bundle of two separate plugins: karacter mix and karacter master. While both version give you plenty of options for painting your project’s tracks with colorful harmonics, you can always choose the version that works best for you in a specific situation.

The karacter mix provides a straightforward set of controls for treating mono and stereo tracks.

The more advanced karacter master plugin features independent controls for left and right channels or, in M/S mode, mid and side channels and is optimized for processing full mixes and stereo stems and subgroups.

karacter plugin


elysia 19inch 1HE rack back panel with XLR Inputs/Outputs and 1/4" TRS Inputs/Outputs, EXT1/2 for External Sidechain (only xpressor (neo)), power switch

19" Rack or to go?

How do you get your favorite analog audio processors side by side of your laptop at home? What about your next tour or gig traveling the world?

We have unleashed our famous elysia analog audio processing hardware to make your musical life much easier, flexible and mobile with the elysia qube series.

A selected series of our famous 500-Analog Modules with Class-A Topology in a rugged, lightweight and travel-ready aluminium case with all the great pristine, transparent sound you will expect from us. 

Analog to Go. Everywhere.

qube product back 2

Tech Specs

Frequency response:

100% Wet:

100% Dry:


<10 Hz – 400 kHz (-3,0 dB)

<10 Hz – 27 kHz (-3,0 dB)

THD+N 100% Dry:

@ 0 dBu:

@ +10 dBu:


0,013 %

0,024 %

THD+N 100% Wet (in Saturation Mode):

@ 0 dBu Min Drive:

@ +10 dbU Max Drive:


0,47 %

35,1 %

Noise floor, 20 Hz – 22 kHz (A-weighted):

100% Dry:

100% Wet:



-91 dBu

-81 dBu

Dynamic range 20 Hz – 22 kHz:

112 dB





+21 dBu

+21 dBu





10 kOhm

68 Ohm

Dimensions  (W x H x D, incl. Knobs):

1 HE Rack:



elysia qube:



19” x 1,75“ x 9,4“

483 mm x 44,45 mm x 238 mm


4,1” x 5,39“ x 8,4“

 104 mm x 137 mm x 212 mm


1 HE Rack:

elysia qube:


3,88 lbs / 1,76 kg

 3,17 lbs / 1,46 kg

Power consumption:

1 HE Rack:

elysia qube:

500 Series Module:


 12 Watts

10 Watts

210 mA


What is karacter?

The elysia karacter is a meticulously crafted sonic masterpiece, designed to elevate your audio production to unprecedented heights. With its cutting-edge technology, this analog saturation unit is a must-have for any discerning musician, producer, or engineer.

Harnessing the power of carefully selected components, the elysia karacter offers a wide range of tonal possibilities, allowing you to sculpt your sound with unrivaled precision. Whether you desire gentle harmonic enhancement or aggressive saturation, the karacter delivers exceptional warmth, depth, and clarity that will captivate your listeners.

The heart of the elysia karacter lies in its powerful saturation adding rich harmonics and subtle coloration, injecting life and character into your audio. The finely tuned controls provide intuitive access to a vast sonic palette, enabling you to shape the sound effortlessly, just the way you envision it.

With the karacter’s remarkable versatility, you can seamlessly integrate it into any stage of your production workflow. Use it during tracking to add warmth and vitality to individual tracks or push it to its limits during mixing and mastering to infuse your music with an unmistakable sonic signature. Its dynamic control options ensure optimal handling of transients, giving you unparalleled control over the saturation intensity.

Unlock a world of sonic brilliance with the elysia karacter, where audio excellence meets artistic expression. Whether you’re a professional engineer seeking the ultimate sonic tool or an enthusiast looking to take your music to the next level, the karacter will be your sonic ally, empowering you to shape and define your sound in extraordinary ways. Experience the art of saturation like never before with the elysia karacter.