alpha compressor


The Gold Standard

The alpha compressor plugin is the software reincarnation of our famous mastering compressor. It gives you a painstaking emulation of the sound and features the hardware is known and loved for. In cooperation with the code experts from Brainworx, our ultimate flagship was made available in a supremely accurate plugin for a fraction of the price of the hardware version.

Mix & Master

The alpha compressor plugin license includes two separate versions optimized for specific tasks. This way, you can always choose the user interface that just works best for you.

The mastering version is the exact representation of the original hardware with all its bells and whistles, including Mid/Side operation, the Niveau Filter section, the Soft Clip limiter and the clever Signal Matrix.

The mixing version focuses on the actual compression section, and by doing so it gives you amazing results without having to spend much thought on the process. Actually, you might want to use this on every single track of your DAW...


The alpha compressor is way more than just a compressor – think about it as semi-modular tool box for dynamics processing. Most of its amazing features can be used in combination with others, or completely on their own. This gives you many options for specialized setups, coping even with complex material.

Sounds Divine

“I must say wooow what a plugin... makes me wish I really had a chance to try the real unit... I still want the real hardware now more than ever... I must say I never wanted to purchase something so fast before :) Now where can I get the money for the hardware unit?”

Allen Hunnie | Mixing &amp Mastering Engineer | Winnipeg

“Today the probably most ultimate mastering compressor in the universe has been released in software: the alpha compressor! The elysia guys have done another great job after the surprising release of their creative compressor, the mpressor. This thing sounds divine...”

Patrik Schwitter
 | Mixing & Mastering Engineer | Zurich

The alpha compressor plugin is available for MacOS and Windows in 32 and 64 bits. The following formats are supported: AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, AAX AudioSuite, VST2, VST3 and UAD-2.