Dynamic Allround Wonder

The xpressor is a discrete class-A stereo compressor with a pristine sound and an incredibly flexible feature set. It gives you an enormous amount of control over dynamics while still being comprehensive and easy to use. Achieve professional compression results in no time at all!

Bass Monster

“The xpressor is my go-to bass comp. I just used it on an electric bass track where notes were jumping out all over the place. I was able to crush it with up to 15 dB of reduction. There was plenty enough gain to bring it up, and even being crushed like that, it was punchy as hell!

Slap on the Warm Mode and it just adds this fantastic grit and body to the bass! However, this truly flexible compressor suits my other instruments just as nicely, and it does a great job on the mix buss as well. A fantastic companion for my museq...“

Frank Perri | Musician & Composer | New York

Everything's Onboard

Sound, technology, features: The xpressor has it all. Its all discrete audio path combines a clear and open sound with a good lot of punch. The clearly laid out functions get you going straight away, while the extended features let you treat dynamics like never before.

Ville's Choice

“I honestly can't see a situation where an engineer, from a beginner to pro, would NOT benefit from having an xpressor in the rack, it does exactly what it says on the tin and much, much more... A lot of times compressors are more or less one or two trick ponies and this one seems to be a full-blown horse circus!

It's like a transient-shaping-lava-lamp, I just get mesmerized playing loops through it and thinking I'm the shit, haha!!! It's one of the most versatile and creative yet easy to understand pieces of gear I've ever seen or heard...“

Ville Valo | Musician & Producer | Helsinki

Stereo buss compression, processing single signals, approaching dynamics in creative ways – the xpressor shines in many different applications. And should you take your equipment on the road, you'll certainly enjoy the rigid full aluminum enclosure cutting weight into half.