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The xfilter is a true linked stereo equalizer with the heart and soul of our flagship EQ, the museq. It gives you the expensive sound of an all class-A equalizer in a surprisingly affordable package, with a precise stereo image based on computer-selected, stepped pots and low tolerance film caps.

Sounds Sweet

"The xfilter sounds sweet (with a Class-A quality), transparent (with no artifacts) and quite versatile for an 'only 4 band' equalizer. Crosstalk channel to channel measures EXCELLENT. I'm sure that degree of stereo separation across the audible spectrum enhances its performance.

It also seems to enhance the stereo space, so the distortion is 'just right'. The versatility of combining the low cut with bass boost or cut or the high cut with high frequency boost or cut is amazing. You can get any shape out of that from gentle to very steep. Well done! I'm very happy."

Bob Katz | Mastering Engineer | Longwood

Massage Needed?

The xfilter is absolutely serious about flexibility. It offers high and low shelf bands which can be switched into high and low cut filters with resonance, two mid peak filters with wide and narrow Q, plus additional passive LC stages with shielded coils for a glorious top end.

Love it!

“What a fantastic piece of equipment the xfilter is – I absolutely love it!”

Stephen Marsh | Marsh Mastering | Los Angeles


"30th Annual Technical Excellence and Creativity Awards – elysia xfilter nominated for outstanding technical achievement in the category of signal processing hardware.”

NAMM Foundation | TEC Awards 2014

With its exceptionally open sound, straight transient projection and solid punch, the xfilter is the perfect match for your xpressor – or any other piece of delicious outboard gear!