Dynamics 2.0

The mpressor is a powerful instrument for modern dynamics processing. On top of the tried and tested standard features, this creative compressor provides several special functions that produce fat sounds with maximum punch, beautiful colorations and extreme processing options. Besides classic tracking applications, its favorite domains are groovy effect compression and creative sound design.

Redefining Compression

“With the huge collection I own and use everyday, it's hard to be impressed by a new compressor. The mpressor redefines the meaning of compression. It looks at it from a different angle and basically throws the whole traditional concept on its head.

I've never thought about compression this way. So it deserves space in one of my racks. Unfortunately, this was not good news for one of my other compressors that thought life was secure in Soundtowers.”

Michael Brauer | MHB Productions | New York

Unique Possibilities

The circuit design of the mpressor is completely based on discrete analog technology. The entire signal processing is based on single transistors in permanent class-A mode, and even the sidechain and power supply are fully discrete circuit designs. Covering all the standards at ease, the mpressor offers an amazing set of special features which reach far beyond the possibilities of regular compressors.

Highly Addictive

“I use the mpressor so much for one of my drum sub compressors that I actually find it hard to mix without it.”

Alan Moulder | Assault & Battery Studio | London

“The mpressor is a fantastic box for anyone interested in creative compression... It especially shines with the synthetic and electronic sounds of today. I love it!”

Tom Rowlands | The Chemical Brothers | London

An oversized power transformer, capsuled conductive plastic potentiometers, internal temperature stabilizers for critical components as well as special current feedback amplifiers are part of the technical finesse. The combination of these elements results in a pristine signal quality and guarantees clean and powerful sound characteristics, even when extreme settings are used.