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qube Series

qube series


analog to go. everywhere.

How do you get your favorite analog audio processors side by side of your laptop at home? What about your next tour or gig traveling the world?

We have unleashed our famous elysia analog audio processing hardware to make your musical life much easier, flexible and mobile with the elysia qube series.

qube – A selected series of our famous 500-Analog Modules with Class-A Topology in a rugged, lightweight and travel-ready aluminium case with all the great pristine, transparent sound you will expect from us. Analog to Go. Everywhere.

picture of the elysia xpressor|neo qube front with all controls and buttons.



fast. energetic. wide.

Class-A Stereo VCA compressor for recoding, mixing and mastering

We re-engineered and refined our famous compressor and the results are stunning. More Depth, more transparency, and more three dimensional processing packed in a new hardware design. xpressor|neo takes what its original version elysia xpressor is skillfully capable of and opens up new sonic dimensions.

xfilter qube Header 2


precise. open. versatile.

Class-A Stereo equalizer for recoding, mixing and mastering

A yummy and magically linked stereo equalizer in the box. With our xfilter 500 included, there is no excuse for bad ingredients like lost frequencies, flat sounds, and flavorless audio soups. 

Now you have all the great transparency and the pure spicey Class-A analog sound at your fingertips for an affordable price. 

nvelope qube Header


transient. vibrant. shaping.

Class-A Stereo impulse shaper for recoding, mixing and mastering

A box of trix in dynamic processing and the wizard of transient shaping. With the nvelope 500 installed You will have more instant mojo on your drums, percussion, guitar and much more and creative control over your audio DNA including equalization. We will promise a handy control of your transients with our haute cuisine in transient shaping. You will not regret.

karacter qube Header


colored. dirt. saturated.

Class-A Stereo saturator for recoding and mixing

A sound-shaper and saturation qube which includes our beloved karacter 500 – a nice audio processor that gives you a wide variety of distortion and shaping capabilities. From great filter to tube-inspired distortion and mastering-grade saturation. Now you can have the karacter in a lightweight format.

picture of the elysia skulpter qube.


natural. versatile. rich.

Class-A High-end preamp for recoding and mixing

A box with the double power of our creative talent – the skulpter. This is not only boring Preamp times 2! skulpter is a flexible recording toolbox that meets the whole flavor of creativity including high-class sound-shaping possibilities with filter and saturation stages plus compressor. It’s highly recommended to put this qube in front of your DAW for all your excellent instrument and vocal recordings. With only a few tweaks you will get the highest audio quality for your music. 

mpressor qube Header


The creative compressor.

Class-A VCA compressor for creative recoding and mixing

Analog sound for the most flexible and powerful compression you can get. Including the power of two of our famous and award-winning compressors from the future, the mpressor|500. So this will give you 2 dynamic processing geniuses for recording and mixing. So why don’t you make it stereo? This qube provides you a very easy recipe for cooking sounds with a serious punch and all the aromatic advantages you may already know from elysia. If not, you have to taste.

picture of the elysia skulpter|mpressor qube front with all controls and buttons.


The perfect match.

The smallest channel strip in the world with the biggest sound. Never before has it been so easy to create the perfect sound while recording. With this powerful combination of skulpter|500 and mpressor|500 you have all the possibilities when recording. Process the signal to your taste with the skulpter|500 and use the mpressor|500 to shape the dynamics of the signal. We believe that the better the recorded signal is, the less processing is required later when mixing. No matter what you have in mind, with the skulpter|mpressor qube you have the perfect solution.

Puristic Power

We designed a super-low noise Power Supply just for the qube. To give you the best experience in Audio Quality. So you just concentrate on your music and relax knowing that the signal flow is simply the purest you can get. No Pain. Power Supply is included in the package.

Quality Standards

If this will be your first elysia hardware, just take a deeper look at our alpha compressor which is one of the most famous and sophisticated mastering compressors in the world today. As you can see, we spend all our love and passion for our products we build. With no exception. All the components of our products are top-notch and we think that you deserve products you can use for the rest of your lifetime. qube is handcrafted with precision in Germany. The form-factor is genius as you can stack various qubes through the aluminum profiles.


You can imagine. elysia wouldn’t be elysia today without deep expertise in sophisticated discrete Class-A Analog Hardware combined with the trust from you since 2006. To be connected to the Audio-World you need the highest quality standards in terms of connection. For that reason we added two balanced XLR In- and Outputs plus two extra TRS In- and Outputs to the qube. This will guarantee a flexible audio connection with the best audio quality you deserve. Promised.

qube back series

Tech Specs

Dimensions  (W x H x D, incl. Knobs)

xpressor|neo, xfilter, nvelope, karacter:



skulpter, mpressor|500:



4,09” x 5,39“ x 8,4“

104 mm x 137 mm x 212 mm


4,09” x 5,39“ x 8,1“

104 mm x 137 mm x 205 mm


3,04 – 3,17 lbs / 1,38 – 1,46 kg

Power consumption:

 6 – 10 Watts



xpressor|neo qube:

xfilter qube:

nvelope qube:

karacter qube:

skulpter qube:

mpressor|500 qube:

skulpter|mpressor qube:

What is qube?

Unleash your musical genius anytime, anywhere with the revolutionary elysia qube series. Designed with portability and songwriting sessions in mind, our state-of-the-art equipment empowers you to capture and express your artistic vision with unprecedented ease and precision.

qube is the ultimate companion for musicians on the go. Whether you’re traveling, collaborating with fellow artists, or seeking inspiration in different environments, our compact and lightweight devices ensure you never miss a creative opportunity. With one or more qubes by your side, creativity knows no boundaries.

Crafting unforgettable melodies has never been more effortless. Our cutting-edge analog hardware empowers you to effortlessly sculpt your sounds, polish your mix, and capture your musical ideas with exceptional clarity. Experience the freedom to explore new sonic landscapes and experiment with innovative techniques, all within the palm of your hand.

Built to cater to the needs of musicians, songwriters and producers, the elysia qube series offers an array of intuitive features. From pristine preamps that capture the subtle nuances of your voice or instruments, to versatile processors that enhance every sonic element, our devices are meticulously designed to elevate your songwriting sessions to new heights. Let your ideas flow without constraints, as you unlock your full creative potential.

With the qube series, simplicity meets versatility. Our user-friendly interfaces ensure that you can navigate effortlessly through our devices, focusing on what truly matters: your music. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding artist, our tools are designed to be intuitive, allowing you to effortlessly shape your sound and channel your emotions into every note.