Inspiring Dynamics

The mpressor plugin is the perfect tool for modern dynamics processing. In addition to great-sounding standard compression, this compressor provides several creative functions that produce fat sounds with punch, beautiful coloration, and extreme processing effects. The mpressor is equally at home compressing tracks or busses in a mix or while tracking.

Insanely Close

“I used the mpressor plugin the other day in my process of printing stems for a record that I mixed. I print stems with no bus compressor, then bounce them through a bus compressor in Pro Tools, with all stems contributing to the sidechain. This way the end result of putting all the stems together is extremely close to the original mix. Since I used my hardware mpressor on the mix, I used the plugin on the bounce. I set up the parameters exactly like the hardware, and it sounded insanely close to the original mix! Even the threshold was right on the money! Well done.”

Ryan Hewitt | Engineer & Producer | Nashville

Beyond Regular

The plugin has all the great functions of the hardware which can be combined in many ways. Covering all the standards at ease, the mpressor offers an amazing set of special features which reach far beyond the possibilities of regular compressors. With the mpressor, controlling dynamics can actually become a very creative and musical process!

Huge & Fat

“This plug RULES on drums. Period. So much fun.”

Ethan Mates | Recording & Mixing Engineer | Los Angeles

“It's a weapon!! I can destroy drums in a new manner.... or make them HUGE and FAT!”

Robert Babicz | Producer & Engineer | Cologne

“Needless to say it just sounded the best out of any other plugin I have :) Upon hearing it, an engineer friend of mine said: 'At last I can now feel good about mixing ITB!'”

Aris Archontis | Producer & Songwriter | Los Angeles

The mpressor plugin is available for MacOS and Windows in 32 and 64 bits. The following formats are supported: AAX DSP, AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, AU, VST2, VST3 and UAD-2.