Analog Awesomeness for Your DAW

phil's cascade

The Incredible Sound Machine

phil's cascade is based on highly esoteric vintage components combined in a truly unique circuitry. This is anything but your typical audio processor: phil’s cascade is an amazing toolbox for creating the most interesting sound flavors and all kinds of organic saturation effects.

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alpha compressor

The Ultimate Mastering Tool

The gold standard in analog M/S mastering compressors – the alpha compressor is available in a supremely accurate emulation with the pristine sound and the unique features of its flagship model.

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The Creative Compressor

The mpressor plugin is the perfect tool for modern dynamics processing, providing several creative functions that produce seriously solid sounds with punch, beautiful coloration, and extreme processing effects.

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The Musical Equalizer

The museq is a wide, open, and yes – analog sounding EQ with excellent tone shaping capabilities. The plugin version adds powerful extras like an integrated M/S matrix for onboard mid/side processing.

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The Coloring Box

Affectionately known as “The Coloring Box” by its fans because of the various ways in which it fattens and adds sparkle to tracks, the karacter plugin’s unique sounds separate it from the pack.

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The Impulse Shaper

The nvelope plugin takes dynamic transient shaping to the next level with innovative features like the ability to apply transient control by frequency when using its flexible Dual Band mode.

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niveau filter

The Frequency Balance

The niveau filter first gained prominence in the filter section of our famous mpressor. Download your free copy today to see what this clever little tool can do for you and your music!

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