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Analog recording. Grown up.

picture of the front of the new elysia channex studio class-a recall channel strip.
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What is channex|studio?

In one sentence: A class-A recall channel strip for sessions, recoding and mixing.

To fully understand why we developed this device we want you to remind of our mission: It is to ensure that you get the best possible audio material for your recording. If the quality of the recording is already high during the process, mixing will be faster and easier for you. With the channex|studio you get a “mix-ready” audio signal as a starting point for your project. With this in mind, we’ve developed the ultimate recording front-end. The channex|studio features a high-end preamp, a dynamic equalizer, an easy-to-use compressor and a zero-latency monitor section, all in one device for your studio. Add color to your processing with the flavor option and choose and mix up to five different coloring options. Everything about the sound of channex|studio is truly analog. Coupled with full recall capability both on the hardware unit and via the plugin in your DAW session, this is the future of elysia hardware products. Get detailed information to every section of the channex|studio below!

High-end Preamp

It all starts with a good, high-end DC-coupled microphone preamplifier. With up to 65dB gain, the channex|studio can provide any microphone with sufficient amplification. The newly developed elysia Shell Precision Metering ensures that the correct input level can always be monitored. With an adjustable high-pass filter, any unwanted frequencies can be filtered out in advance. The polarity can also be conveniently changed with a long press on the button. The built-in +48V phantom power also supplies the devices that need it with sufficient power. The High-Z instrument input is easily accessible on the front, and a line level input is also available on the rear via an XLR/TRS combo socket.

channex studio Pre

Analog Dynamic Equalizer

An equalizer is the next step in shaping your signal. The 4-band equalizer in the channex|studio has a low-frequency band, two switchable mid-frequency bands and a high-frequency band. Both frequency and gain can be adjusted using the six elysia Shell Controllers. The Q factor can be set for each of the four bands, and there is even a shelf filter for the low and high bands, everything is clearly visible and adjustable via the elysia Shell display. The particularly exciting and unique feature is that each band can also be controlled dynamically – a feature normally only known from plug-ins. An intelligent gain function ensures that the dynamic function only reacts to the levels in the set band, regardless of the input level. The elysia Shell Precision Metering again shows its strengths and displays the set intensity and equalizer activity.

channex studio Equalizer

Easy-to-use Compressor

Compression when recording can often be challenging – which values do I need to set and when? The channex|studio compressor simplifies many of these settings for you. Set the threshold, control the attack and release using the one-knob timing control and adjust the level to your liking using the make-up gain – that’s it! Once again, elysia Shell Precision Metering shows its strengths because the gain reduction is visible in the display at a glance. Of course, there are other features that the channex|studio inherits from the elysia compressor family, such as the gain reduction limiter. This limiter allows loud parts to retain their dynamics because they are not compressed any further beyond the set value. 

channex studio Compressor 3

Flavor - Color your Sound

In the audio world, many are looking for the hardware device to create their own sound. Generally, people are also looking for a coloring option to color the signal to make it sound vintage or modern. With the channex|studio, you can now choose from five of these coloring options, mix them together and adjust their intensity individually. Designed for the warm vintage sound, but also modern new sounds are possible with the flavor option. Each option offers up to five different levels of intensity, from off to strongly colored. You can bypass the flavor section with a push of a button to conveniently compare.

channex studio Flavor 1

Preset - Full Recall Ability

The channex|studio is the first device from elysia to offer full recall capability. For us it was crucial that the recall capability is also available in standalone mode, so we made it possible to store up to 23 presets directly on the device. In addition to the local preset storage, there will also be a channex|studio plugin for your DAW that allows you to save the presets to your session. You can name your own presets in the plugin, change their order, and also export or import them. Automation is also possible via the DAW, making it easy to implement even complex applications. This gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to saving your recording session settings and recalling them quickly the next time you need them. When the device is switched off, all settings are saved for the next start, just as you would expect from an analog device.

channex studio Preset

Zero Latency Monitor Section

It’s the day of the recording session – good monitoring is a crucial factor for the artist’s perfect performance. We have implemented a zero-latency monitoring section in the channex|studio for this exact reason. With the three high-quality headphone amplifiers, the channex|studio offers a high flexibility for any monitoring situation. The three independent mixes can be used for the producer, the artist and for the studio monitors. With the elysia Shell controllers you can easily adjust the volume levels for playback (coming from the DAW), the processed microphone or line signal and a built-in reverb for each of the three mixes. The two 6.3 mm headphone outputs on the front have impedance detection to recognize different headphone impedances and adjust the volume accordingly. For communication in the studio, a talkback microphone input with preamp is provided at the back, which can be activated either via the push-button or with a footswitch. The mute macro completes the recording session, allowing you to switch quickly and easily between recording and playback mute settings.

channex studio Monitor Section

Note: channex|studio is still in development. The features of the final product may vary – but will probably get better and better!

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