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Mix and monitor. Everywhere.



fast. energetic. wide.

Control your dynamics with the most versatile stereo compressor on the market. Just put it on your Mixbus!


|Mastering Edition

Mastering Edition

transient. vibrant. shaping

Enhance your transients! Smooth and natural sound for all acoustic elements in your mix or master.



Analog recording. Grown up.

If perfect is not good enough for you. Analog sound with digital recall. The groundbreaking recording front end for your professional studio production.

Quality made in Germany

In-House Design & Manufacturing

Once you experience it, you won’t want to let go. Immerse yourself in unrivaled quality that engages all your senses—your ears, eyes, and fingertips. All this excellence, seamlessly brought to you by one company, all in one place.



natural. versatile. rich.

Small but mighty. Whenever you want to record with a microphone you need this preamp – it won’t let you down!


Mix and Monitor. Everywhere.

Say goodbye to bad headphone mixes! Customize your headphone mix exactly to your liking with unparalleled sound quality.

Are you on the hunt for unique beats that make you stand out? Your search ends today! Discover creative grooves, high-end recordings, and unconventional sounds performed live by young and wild drummers. Ignite your passion for rhythm like never before!

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@ Pro Audio Events

beatcon, Berlin 

11 – 12 October 2024

Studioszene, Hamburg 

22 – 24 October 2024