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picture of Moses Schneider and the drummer Silvan Strauss in Limusic Studio, France.


Download this groove example of THE HUMAN BEAT PACK Volume 2. You will get the Mixed Stereo Version + OneShots and the Multitracks of the Groove Apak_98bpm to try out. No annoying newsletter registrations or hidden paywalls – just the groove to try out. And if you’ve got a taste for it, check out our other beats!


Moses Schneider

“Yes we did it again!” Berlin native Schneider is responsible for some of the most successful records of the past few years and of course the producer of THE HUMAN BEAT PACK Volume 1. He is famous for using very creative microphone techniques such as “the Wurst”, “Snareo” or “Droom” to capture one of a kind drum sounds and recordings in a way, never heard before. Experience the Moses Schneider Method!

The press describes Moses Schneider as the champion of live recordings! In many of his productions, he records all instruments at the same time in one room. Schneider captures the live quality of each artist in their own way, which characterizes the sound of his productions. Now you can take advantage of his creative knowledge captured in THE HUMAN BEAT PACK.


Powered by elysia

With elysia’s analog gear, you get a sonic painter, creating masterpieces with every stroke of sound. Each recording becomes a testament to the power of human touch and the ability to evoke emotions through music. In THE HUMAN BEAT PACK session, elysia’s analog equipment is used to shape the sound during the recording process.

The elysia hardware was not only used for the recording itself, but also for mastering the stereo tracks to get the finishing details out of the mix. This brought both together: Creativity and sound perfection – the best combination for a cool groove.


Silvan Strauss

Silvan Strauss is a German jazz drummer. He studied jazz in Hamburg and was involved in many different projects during his studies. Since then he has been contributing with his creative way to support artists with their music.

He has already worked with artists such as Cro, Clueso, Nneka, Maria João or the NDR & WDR big bands and is therefore an internationally known and recognized drummer. In 2021 he was awarded the Hamburg Jazz Prize.

We are delighted to have him with us at THE HUMAN BEAT PACK!


In addition to standard drum equipment, a lot of other "tools" was used, including, metal parts, pieces of wood, plastic tubes and even a jacksaw and whipsaw.

Drumset 1

Canopus Ash Series:

20 x 15 Bassdrum

12 x 8 Tom

14 x 13 Floortom

Snare Drums

14 x 5 Craviotto Solid Maple

14 x 5 Vintage Ludwig Supraphonic

14 x 5 Ludwig Black Beaut

14 x 5,5 Natal Hammered Copper

Drumset 2

Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom

24 x 14 Bassdrum


10 Meinl Medium Hats

14 Meinl Traditional Hats

10/12/14 Meinl Vintage Smack Stack

8/16 Meinl Vintage Smack Stack Add-on Pack

Meinl Percussion Elements


Limusic Studio, France

In the south of France between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean, located on a former vinery is the Limusic Residential Recording Studio.

Owned by a family of German artists since 2014, it was the special atmosphere of the place and the creative possibilities that led to the decision to set up a recording studio. After careful renovation work with consideration for preserving the original charm, a place was created that offers a home for musicians of the most diverse genres.

Above all, the island-like location of the Domaine, embedded in vineyards and lots of nature, creates a space for undisturbed, creative work.

Unlock your creativity with THE HUMAN BEAT PACK

Discover THE HUMAN BEAT PACK, curated by acclaimed producer Moses Schneider in collaboration with elysia.

Unleash your musical compositions with the raw energy of human artistry and limitless creativity.

Step into a world where imperfection is celebrated. Crafted by a musician and a sound engineer, these drum loops capture the soulful essence of human hands striking drumheads. Feel the rich tapestry of emotions and embrace the unique character that breathes life into your music.

Break free from traditional rhythms and explore new horizons. From rock’s pulsating energy to funk’s hypnotic grooves, jazz’s intricate patterns, and electronic music’s infectious beats, THE HUMAN BEAT PACK empowers you to create breathtaking compositions across genres.

Unleash your creativity, using these meticulously crafted loops as a springboard for your own unique sound.

Experience THE HUMAN BEAT PACK today and embark on an extraordinary journey of artistic innovation. Get ready to make waves in the world of music like never before, powered by Moses Schneider and elysia.


Box of the Software Box design of THE HUMAN BEAT PACK Vol. 2
  • 35 creative Drum Grooves
  • Variations + Loops + OneShots
  • Played by a human with real drums
  • Recorded and mixed by producer Moses Schneider
  • Stereo Groove Pack
  • Recorded and processed with elysia analog hardware
  • Works with every video and music software (DAW)
  • Captured at a high-end recording studio in France
  • All stereo tracks mastered with elysia analog hardware
  • Get to know the Moses Schneider Method
  • Instant Download
  • Easy to use
  • One Time Payment – no additional fees
  • Personal license for free use in your own projects

What is included?