Update on elysia qube series

Release Update on the long awaited elysia qube Series

Analog to Go. everywhere!

Here’s an update on the long awaited release of the elysia qube series. As you may already know,  the qube series is a super portable and lightweight analog soundprocessing solution based on our highly acclaimed 500 Series – completely stackable and they fit on every desk right next to your DAW or monitor for super easy operation. 

We had a lot of positive Feedback on our social media channels the last weeks and months in regards to this new concept and we’re amazed, honored about this fact. So thank you a lot for your love. 

In the last weeks and months we have done a lot of refining work on our qubes and know we’re preparing marketing and PR assets for the release of this nice product range.

It turned out that, because of it’s form-factor, the qube series will fit very easily and comfortable on any tiny desktop space but can be easy transported in a backpack or suitcase for traveling. The aluminium housing of this product makes it easy to take it with you where ever you go! You will never walk without your qube anymore, so – analog to go! everywhere.

7 Flavors of elysia

The qube will be available in the following combinations

Many of you just asked us when they will be ready to ship. The release will be in the first weeks of March. We have some requests from customers who are asking, if the qube case will be sold separately. Well, due some specifications of Modules from other manufacturers there is no standard in terms of the PCBs depth. So in most cases they’re not compatible with the qube aluminum case.

Therefore, we decided not not to sell the qube cases separately. We will ask for your understanding.


In the meantime you can check some nice photos.  We would be happy if you will share this post or leave a comment below.

Custom Made Aluminium Sidepanels

Custom Made Aluminium Logo

Super portable and lightweight

double skulpter 500 fits on every desk.

Double elysia skulpter 500 – on every Desk!

xfilter 500 to Go! everywhere.

xfilter 500 to Go! everywhere

lightweight aluminium case with profiles for stacking up multiple units.

Aluminium Case