Phil's Cascade
is anything but your typical audio processor – it’s just not meant to fix things or add so and so many percents of final glory to your mixes and masters. Rather than that, Phil’s exclusively opens an amazing toolbox for creating most interesting sound flavors based on highly esoteric vintage components combined in a truly unique circuitry.

The Beauty
of this approach is that it did not have to follow any rules at all. Phil’s Cascade uses very interesting NOS components which are everything but standard in audio applications, and the completely novel circuitry is a creative celebration of its own. All in all, this gives you the perfect basis for creating truly wonderful, new and unheard sounds.

Now You Can
spice up virtual and natural instruments at ease, transmuting standard sounds with all kinds of gritty, organic and aged flavors. There are no typical right or wrong settings: Saturation, harmonics, distortion, coloration, filtering, interaction... anything goes, and experimenting is as much encouraged as it is rewarding.

It's Alive
Like every elysia plugin released so far, Phil‘s Cascade has been modeled on real analog hardware. However, this one has exclusively been planned, designed and built to then become a plugin! Painstaking analysis and modeling of circuit and component behavior finally made this monster become available for your DAW.

There Can Be
only one. What a pity, but you can rest assured that the hardware will never go into serial production. Most of the parts are so rare that they would last for just a hand full of units, with environmental restrictions forbidding to use them in new products anyway. And the price point for this beast would be pretty demanding as well, to say the least.

Spices, Spices
All components used for Phil‘s Cascade were made when we were kids (or not even born yet) by legendary brands like Philips, Sprague, Erdmet, Wima and PSW – the very best of New Old Stock. Just click here to learn more about some of these amazing ingredients.

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