Gearslutz 03/2014
diogo_c: “This is arguably one of the most interesting equalizers to come out in recent years. A unique design with broad and forgiving curves and the intriguing choice of not having a regular bandwidth control makes the museq an equalizer that is certainly on a class of its own.”
>

Music Radar 02/2014
Computer Music: “The museq sounds, as the name suggests, notably musical and - to cut to the chase - absolutely superb. The quality of its output is perfectly transparent, but with a touch of warmth in the bottom end that doesn't suck out any punch or clarity.”
>

Beat 01/2014
Henning Schonvogel: “The plugin version of the museq has been emulated with excellence. The pleasant, musical character has been translated into the realm of software in every detail, so this EQ is the perfect match for single and sum signals alike.”
>

Audio Slap 12/2013
Mo Volans: “The tone that is does have is incredible and to get this quality from a plugin is fantastic. With the M/S, the Master and Mix versions, and the sound available it’s hard to think of a studio where this wouldn’t find a home. Top class.”
>

Amazona 12/2013
Markus Schroeder: “In our opinion, the museq deserves a top level rank among the available software EQs. We see that it offers enough individuality and ways of using it as a result to justify the purchase of this plugin.”
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This is what enthused users told us in emails or wrote on the Internet:

I think that's the best native musical-type EQ plug-in. I don't know why there is no hype for this plug-in. It's amazing (and I am analog-lover)!

Thumbs up for the museq! This is my new to go EQ. I love the low end and really all the other frequencies. This EQ is really good.

Happy owner of the museq! Thank you for making it easier to complete a mix in style. What a great EQ and what a nice color and vibe it provides. Thumbs up!

Sounds great, focused, musical, 3D, instant "soundsbetter" machine. DSP EQs get better and better. I like it very much.

This is a frighteningly good EQ.
David Ray

Stellar EQ! Transparent, smooth and musical. Little coloring gives a decent impression. The museq is very beautiful although "clean EQ" is often tedious. I love it.

If you are looking for a great sounding EQ that can be controlled fast and easily with VoiceOver and that also offers a state-of-the-art control via Artist Mix, you should definitively download the museq from elysia and give it a try.
Florian Schmitz

I spend quite some hours with the museq plugin now and used it for my mastering projects all day, including a lot of a/B comparisons. So, I could use the plug with a lot of different material, and I have to say this is really a well-done piece of software. But I won't sell my museq hardware for sure ;-)
Brian Sanhaji

I was waiting for it for a long time, so I contacted elysia last year and they told me it was on the way. I saw the news yesterday, and now that it's out, my gas is screaming for it... serious EQ concept!

The museq seems a bit complicated at first glance, but I've found the interface very useful. Hit the narrow Q switch and boost the gain to max. Slide the frequency around to find the problem area, switch to cut and dial back the amount of cut. Switch to wide Q if necessary. Problem solved.

As of now, sounds like the perfect contender for a native plugin mastering EQ. Sounds nice indeed, great job!

As a Nebula freak, I have slowly been deleting my "algo" (non Nebula) plugins more and more in the last few months. I have the other elysia plugins and am demoing this new EQ and...... Darn you elysia! I am so "tired" of trying out plugins that sound awesome!

Just bought it. Working flawlessly under Linux with Reaper/Wine. Excellent work, elysia/Brainworx - stellar EQ.

Behold the mighty museq, awesome release!

Go for the museq! Ok, I'm not really objective because I have the hardware version... And I really like Brainworx plugins... Anyway, Brainworx have made a really good job!

Big thumbs up for the new museq plugin! It is one of the best software EQ ever made IMHO. Not for surgery though, sweetening instead. Big bass, polished mid and shining high. Congratulations!

This is the what I like to hear from developers when they release a hardware emulation. I like this EQ a lot. I don't have a hardware museq unit to compare it to, but this plugin sounds great either way.
Tony Belmont

This EQ really brings something to the table.
Oli P

Still blown away by this plugin on my mix bus. It seems to place selected frequencies just right within the stereo field. It just doesn't just add width to the stereo field, it adds depth and you can hear frequencies stand out on individual instruments with pristine clarity in a very natural way. Also the transient response on this EQ is very realistic.

This thing sounds beautiful, Brainworx is really doing some amazing stuff lately.

I tried it (and many other modern software EQs) during a mastering session since my "main parametric EQ" needs new tubes.. and the museq did wonders to the master. Played around some more and found that those resonant peak filters really sound beautiful. Sounds like this would also work great as a creative tool during mixing. I'm impressed!