Gear Lust 05/2010
Barry Rudolph: "I'm highly recommending the mpressor for its versatility and unique abilities not obtainable with any other processor. It excels especially in the creative side by radically altering the dynamic envelope of sounds yet it can also behave very civilized when you require. The negative ratio and Anti-Log release mode are strictly fun!"
>

Monitor 03/2010
Gunnar E. Olsson: "I can't get rid of the impression that the transfer of the hardware mpressor's motto – sound quality without compromise – went really well. The software works as fine as a mixing and mastering compressor as it does as a creative sound tool. Working with the mpressor is extremely easy, but it is full of great surprises at the same time."
>

Future Music 02/2010
Stuart Bruce: "From subtle but controlled compression to radical pumping, tonal shaping to complete changes in the feel of a groove, the Mpressor will certainly make a mark on your music. Add to that great sonic quality and this is a very powerful and musical tool that you’ll find yourself reaching for every day."
>

Keys 02/2010
Martin Keller: "The mpressor can be used on versatile occasions  […] The sound is excellent, clear and warm with a high resolution. The special features like Anti Log and negative ratios described above allow deep transformations and manipulations which point out the mpressor's qualities as a unique tool."
>

Delamar 01/2010
Mario Laemmerhirt: "If you ask me, elysia have kept their promise all along the line. I, for one, could not find a fly in the ointment. The mpressor cuts an extremely fine figure when used as a creative sound shaping tool. I experienced its interesting compression effects to be very convincing. My new reference class."
>

Apfelwahn Music 01/2010
Heiko Wallauer: "This plug-in is certainly not a one-trick-pony, but a very flexible one instead. No matter if you want to compress acoustic instruments the decent way, or raise the pressure on drums, or create spectacular effects – the mpressor does it all. With its many special features it convinces all along the line."
>

Audio News Room 01/2010
Fab: "One of the most original compressors of our times, faithfully modeled and ready to be used on multiple tracks on your DAW. The mpressor can be an excellent all-round compressor, but to me it really shines on more experimental tasks, thanks to its unique controls."
>

Sonic Scoop 01/2010
Geoff Sanoff: "The mpressor definitely has a color to it, though it’s a color with many gradations of density and tone, far more than most compressors. While it does transparent reasonably well, it does character much better. […] What the Distressor has become to modern recording, the mpressor plug-in may well become to in-the-box mixing."
> Read more... 12/2009
Klangfabrique: "The mpressor shines because of its sonic qualities, its accurate and solid dynamics processing, its flexibility and its intuitive operation. Its functionality outranges normal compressors by offering new and and almost playful ways to create unimagined soundscapes. The title 'creative compressor' is justified by all means."
> Read more... 12/2009
Andreas Ecker: "The mpressor is absolutely convincing: sound and flexibility are top notch. My earlier favorites now have to face a serious rival, as because of its special features it beats them as an allrounder with a good lot of esprit."
>

Guitarlounge 12/2009
Ludvig Nylund: "The mpressor is modern and versatile, it’s clean and tight, when you want it to be breathy it breathes, when you tell it to be subtle and transparent it obeys and if you throw it out there to be whacky and angry it does that just as well… all while retaining stellar quality."
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This is what enthused users told us in emails or wrote on the Internet:

I love both the hardware one and the software mpressor. I use the hardware one so much for one of my drum sub compressors that I actually find it hard to mix without it. The software version is pretty damn true to the hardware one. I must admit and I am using it either to bring life to sounds or to get the pumping effect that the mpressor is so good at.
- Alan Moulder

Used the mpressor plugin the other day in my process of printing stems for their record that I mixed. I print stems with no bus compressor, then bounce them through a bus compressor in Protools, with all stems contributing to the sidechain. This way the end result of putting all the stems together is extremely close to the original mix. Since I used the mpressor on the mix, I used the plugin on the bounce. I set up the parameters exactly like the hardware, and it sounded insanely close to the original mix! Even the threshold was right on the money! Well done.
- Ryan Hewitt

Definitely a new level for software compression! Those of you who know my tunes should know I am not one to jump on a bandwagon, but I find this the most useful and easy to get to grips with compressor yet in the in-the-box world. It does so many different types of compression really well, and it feels very hardware like, too.
- Dominic Angas

I am totally impressed: elysia really managed to put their signature sound characteristics into the mpressor plugin. It offers musical intuitively operation and maximum precision at the same time. The mpressor has already found its perfect place in my setup – I will certainly not give this one away. Finally, the high end sound of the elysia hardware is available for my DAWs.
- Philippe van Eecke

This compressor is nuts, it's so freaking deep. Doing really great things to a drum bus. I don't mean to turn into a cheerleader, but this plug-in is seriously, ridiculously good. It's inspiring to use, because of how creative you can get with it, and how many plug-ins can you say that about?
- Everythinglouder

Amazing how it sounds so much like my hardware version. I guess that's the point, but it doesn't usually work that way... : )
- David Kahne

The elysia units are MUCH more than simple compressors! They are audio mangling beasts!! Both for nice, subtle processing and for full on destroying.
- Benmrx

For reference I've worked pretty extensively with the mpressor over at studio since last years AES. It really does do things that I've never heard a compressor do. Comparing extreme settings to what I would expect from the hardware version was an extremely satisfying experience. And the EQ is musical and totally valid to have around.
- Marc Alan Goodman

I've been testing this plug for a few days and I also own the hardware mpressor. I can sum it up very simply: They nailed it!
- Jamie Rosenberg

I'm pretty impressed with the accuracy of the emulation. Even the extreme 'broken transistor' type of settings (with attack and release at minimum) sound *very* similar.
- Denis Goekdag

Your compressor seriously got stuck in my heart. FIrst time I feel that I can spare my hardware compressors on the inserts. I am serious. Compression is something that I have been studying for years... And this mpressor here is amazing. You guys have done a fantastic job. I might just have to go and test your hardware!
- Morten Carlsen

I have to say the mpressor is the best single plugin I have ever used, there is nothing you can't do... and things that you can do that you never thought of and then realized why didn't anybody do this before. The fact that this is not magic software but a version of a revolutionary piece of hardware, make me all the more awestruck.
- Hal Cragin

Wow, I say it again WOW, the character is exactly the same like the hardware, congrats. Also the GR Limit is very, very welcome. This is a punchmonsta!
- Andreas Koslik

The 'torque' of this thing is just a thing of wonder. Very, very strong. I'm in love. I will still be doing a lot of BP mixing at Studio G where they have a real one, but... wow, this is one fantastic plug-in.
- Silver Sonja

It's a weapon!! I can destroy drums in a new manner.... or make them HUGE and FAT!
- Robert Babicz

I do think you captured the compression characteristics of the hardware very well indeed. I've been playing with it and comparing it with all the other plugin compressors that I have. Needless to say it just sounded the best out of any other plugin I have :) Upon hearing it, an engineer friend of mine said 'At last I can now feel good about mixing ITB!'
- Aris Archontis

I've literally dreamed (in my sleep) of the sound of this plug-in. The compressor on drums just makes a track go into a whole different dimension with its rhythmic compression, even when you use it minimally. And the EQ is a super quick way to make a part sit in the mix. You can get great results very fast with this thing. I'm sold.
- MarsBot

Oooooh! First impressions - very good. It does the same tricks!! Well - I guess that's what it's supposed to do... it's awesome.
- Richard Aitken

This plugin sounds truly exceptional. Only on rare occasions you come across a digital compressor that is so much fun!
- Nils Hahmann

A real hammer! I have so many compressor plugs: everything from UAD, Powercore, Waves, etc., but the mpressor is the best I have ever owned. Thank you!
- Jens Maiwald

I've tried the mpressor demo ... and totally love it! The 'Gain Reduction Limit' feature is awesome. I write electronic music, and the 'Anti Log' release and negative ratio features (combined with sidechain ) have been really great fun for creative compression. Very cool.
- Dennis Bunton

I just have to tell you how cool your mpressor plugin is! I am using it on every project now, because it helps me as a tool to add power and very useful effects! The combination with my Novation Nocturn controller gives me the feeling to handle the 'real' mpressor.
- Björn Engelberg

Thanks for your amazing plug-in. This is the best sounding software compressor I know of. I have made many comparisons with hardware units like Distressor, Massenburg 8900 and Chandler TG1 and the mpressor swept me off my feet!
- Abele Franzé

I have waited desperately for a compressor like this for a long time. VST3 is such a blessing, and then the sound! Every detail of how I would like things to sound can be put into reality instantly! I am totally blown away! It has so much grip, just like a hardware compressor. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
- Benjamin Fay