Recording Magazine 05/2011
Paul Vnuk Jr.: "Sonically the alpha is in the ultra clear hi-fi category; it adds control without altering your sound. This thing does ‘subtle’ so well it’s scary. It’s the kind of compressor where you’re not sure what it’s doing until you bypass it... and then you realize it’s doing a lot, beautifully, without being heavy-handed."
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Delamar 05/2011
Mario Lämmerhirt: "I can recommend the alpha compressor to everyone who is looking to spice up their finished mixes or who is in need of an 'inaudible' dynamic toolbox. The alpha is a very good choice for the final tuning in mastering, especially because of its very transparent sound. You get a very versatile tool for influencing the dynamics of a track without changing its sound at all."
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Guitar Lounge 03/2011
Ludvig Nylund: "From all the compressors I’ve tried so far it’s one of the most flexible units without having a overly advanced and complex user interface to deal with. It’s easy to get it good sounding on almost everything, probably because it’s so transparent yet has the option of adding a little color when need with the push of a button."
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Beat 03/2010
Vera Schuhmacher: "elysia have managed to create a premium and very detailed emulation of their hardware flagship. Just like its analog archetype, the virtual compressor provides convincing results in many different applications. Besides its noteworthy open and clear sound, the plug-in surprises by its great flexibility and versatility as well as its beautiful and easy to operate user interface. A true milestone!"
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Buenasideas 02/2011
Andreas Eberhardt: "I am tossing pretty much all of my other compressor plugins into the trash! With the alpha compressor, elysia has created a plugin that does such a great job at a pretty low CPU load that it is pretty hard to believe. No matter if used for mastering or single tracks: the alpha compressor satisfies. It is astounding that a 'program' can sound this good."
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DV Magazine 02/2011
Daniel Sherratt: "It’s been impossible to find any fault with these plugins as their heritage is arguably one of the finest in the industry. I know we’re spoiled for choice at them moment in terms of software compressors, but they really stand apart from the usual roster of vintage ‘clones’, are so versatile and its very refreshing to see something truly different and groundbreaking come along."
> Read More... 05/2011
Alexander Mann: "elysia's cooperation with Brainworx has resulted in a good and versatile compressor which cuts a fine figure both in everyday as well as mastering applications. It clearly stands above the crowd of maximizer tools and proves to be a useful and reliable precision instrument. I am giving a clear buying recommendation for it."
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Everythingrecording 12/2010
Bryan Adams: "I don’t even need to summarize this review. The audio files speak for themselves here. Did this plug-in accomplish the task at hand in acting like it’s analog brother? Well in my opinion it definitely did!"
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This is what enthused users told us in emails or wrote on the Internet:

After a lot of testing, I finally understand what is going on with this so called 'plugin'. In a secret building, elysia has a lot of alpha compressors and a lot of people sitting behind a compressor. Every time somebody loads an instance of the alpha compressor plugin, the 'plugin' is routing your audio realtime to this building, where elysia employees are routing the audio through an alpha with the exact same setting as you have on your computer screen. Then, the output is routed back to your 'plugin'. It sounds weird.. but this is the truth.
- Marando

I must say wooow what a plugin... makes me wish I really had a chance to try the real unit... I still want the real hardware now more than ever... I must say I never wanted to purchase something so fast before :) Now where can I get the money for the hardware unit?
- Allen Hunnie 

After a few mixing-mania-nights all I can say is – dude, this plugin rocks!
- Markus Steinhäuser

I don't post much anymore but it is my slut duty to say that this is my favorite software comp by a wide margin..... This thing has a very strong hardware character I.E. none of the plastic I normally hear in plugins. Wow! Great job.

- nomatic

I tried the demo version on my Pyramix system and now I have to say that this is exactly what I had been looking for: Clean compression for acoustic productions with integrated parallel compression, which has never been this easy to use before. On top of this, I find that plugins never sound really transparent – signals always seem to be degraded and more dull after processing. Your plugin is an amazing exception, as it controls absolutely clean, precise and versatile, even providing additional color nuances with its Warm function and the Soft Clip Limiter. It works on single tracks, subgroups or the sum. So now you know.
- Frank Stefan Kimmel

I released my band's debut album on Monday after having done the final mastering with the elysia alpha plugin during the weekend. It was wonderful to be able to use this compressor in unlinked M/S mode, Auto Fast does wonders and I was surprised at how effective just a touch of the Niveau Filter could be to homogenize different songs. I'm very happy with how it turned out.
- Geert Bevin

I've only scratched the surface but the compression sounds really musical... the way it can punch the transients... and with the soft clipper you can get maybe 2db extra in level without much degradation... I generally feel a bit paranoid these days using plugin compression but for just a touch during mastering this could be the ticket...
- SWAN808

I'd like to express my gratitude for your brilliant and creative tools, which are on a level which finally lets me create 'sound' with. Even for old school mixers like me who have been learning their skills in the analog domain (I have been doing this for 23 years now) – mixing in the box just now became fun, and it's possible to reach the sound quality of 'the old days' or even go beyond!
- Jörg Mayr

It's indeed a great plugin. If the plugin reaches even the 80% of the sound of the hardware processor we have really a new excellent kid on the block. It can sound transparent, it can blend together things in the mastering process. It can even go very loud! The Niveau Filter and the m/s processing are a great value add.
- Fradoca

IMO this is one of the best non-colored compressor plugs out there if not the best! elysia and Brainworx deliver yet again another winner! Must. Buy. Now.
- Aris Archontis 

Today the probably most ultimate mastering compressor in the universe has been released in software: the alpha compressor by elysia!! These guys have done another great job on this one after the surprising release of the creative compressor, the mpressor. This thing sounds divine...
- Patrik Schwitter

OK been testing it all day long, and I must say...WOW, blows my mind really! The way the bass stays deep and strong (even below 30hz), the medium gets open, and the nice 'Air' feeling you get with this thing is simply amazing. It sounds as good as some real hardware compressor... even more than that you get this 'expensive' feeling of a very well built piece of gear really, making reverbs sound real on the overall mix for example... I think that's the very first time I get this Wow-Factor out of a plugin.
- The unik

Hell yeah that compressor sounds great! Tested it again on the master, and it glues the mix like no other comp, and is very good at keeping the punch of the kick and snare 'intact'. Added to that, combining Auto Fast with Warm Mode and just a subtle use of Soft Clip makes things fuller in a nice way.
- K-Slash

Another vote for THEE best glue/buss comp plug so far!!! To think what the hardware must sound like is pretty damn scary!!!
- spectacular g

Hooolly mother hoooooooooolly!! My ears can't simply believe how this thing can GLUE your mix nicely and bring that 'punch in your face' without changing the essence of the overall mix nor the sound. Daaaaaaaaaaaamn it!!!
- Solar

I made quite a lot of comparisons with other software compressors under different circumstances and my view is the following: The alpha is by far the best mixbuss compressor out there, especially when you apply some 80% wet instead of 100% (that mix button is just awesome, all compressors should have it).
- Fantomen 

The 'feed forward' and 'warm' options can really help you dial in a sound on instruments. There is a lot of tonal variation possible with this thing. And though I've only briefly tried the mastering version, it has an amazing sound on the 2 buss (where I usually use compression sparingly if at all).  What puts it on a different level IMHO is the basic CLARITY. In that sense, it's head and shoulders above other compressors I've heard.

- MarsBot

This compressor actually sounds brilliant. I bet the HW is off the Richter.
- Surbitone

I've tried the alpha compressor plugin on 2 of my mixes so far and I have to say it sounds incredible, especially the Soft Clip option helps a lot before a digital limiter. Keep up the good work.
- Gertjan Haaijer

I'm absolutely loving the alpha comp plugin! M/S is great, and the sound is smooth and yet the transients are protected by the Mix feature. Loving it!
- Jason Barratt-Hill

mpressor and alpha are by far the best plug-ins I know of. Using them is so much fun... thanks a lot and keep up the good work!!!

- Phillip Schulz

I have been demoing the alpha a bit, and I think it is a wonderful tool. I never experienced anything like it. In chain with the Brainworx Digital v2, it actually makes me able to do a serious mastering job. That was not an obvious option before, I tell you...
- Geir M.B. Myklebust