Audio Filter

This filter is a specialist in changing the overall sonic character of a signal with ease. It features two controllers per channel and is capable of producing convincing results flexibly in no time at all. Whenever a classic shelving filter would be too limited and a fully parametric filter would be too much, the Niveau Filter is the perfect tool.

Its main function is to change the proportions between high and low frequencies. The principle is quite similar to a pair of scales: Dependent on the gain setting around a variable center frequency, the high frequencies are boosted whereas the low frequencies are attenuated (or vice versa).

By simultaneously boosting and cutting the selected frequency areas, it is much easier to influence the character of a track (‚bright‘ vs. ‚dark‘) compared to using other types of equalizers. The center frequency can be shifted continuously between 26 Hz and 2.2 kHz or between 260 Hz and 22 kHz respectively (when the x10 switch is activated).

The characteristics of the filter change in the extreme positions of the EQ Gain controller: the fully counter-clockwise setting will give you a low pass filter; fully clockwise position will result in a high pass filter. The overall level can drop quite noticeably then, but this can be corrected with the gain controller easily.