VOVOX Sound Conductors

To achieve maximum sound quality with a high end product like the alpha compressor, it is very important to use a perfect internal audio wiring, too. If the wrong material is used, audible losses will be the definitive consequence. After several experiments we tested the VOVOX sound conductors which we liked immediately. The difference is obvious and a noticeable improvement; therefore all alpha compressors are equipped with this cable in series since May 2007.

VOVOX sound conductors transmit the whole frequency range with minimal losses. The sound becomes brilliant and tangible. At the same time, the bass range becomes more powerful and precise. Due to their special design, these cables are able to transmit hard peaks very directly. Music becomes more brisk, dynamic and powerful.

During recording and replay, VOVOX sound conductors enhance the spatial reproduction of music. Even in very complex situations, the sound remains transparent with clear contours. Often a significant enlargement of the stereo base is observed. As the sum of many different effects, there are also noticeable improvements to the ‘charisma’ of music: The clarity and immediacy of the sound signals offer an aura of calmness, solidity and sovereignty.