T16 Heater

Some delicate circuit components can be influenced by the surrounding temperature easily. The main reason for this circumstance is the discrete transistors that can react very sensitively to variations in temperature (that can – depending on the place of installation and operating time – happen by all means).

With the T16 Heater elysia presents a system that keeps constant conditions and reduces thermal fluctuation to a minimum. This system was inspired by high-precision measuring instruments. It features up to 16 discrete transistors in a massive copper ring which is warmed up to a definite temperature.

A surrounding ceramic cap the isolates the copper ring and keeps it from cooling down quickly and prevents heat emission into the housing at the same time. Once the system has reached its working temperature, it only needs little current to keep its status at the same level.

An electronic control circuit is responsible for only a small variance of just a few degrees. The procedure is known from high end tube gear: the alpha compressor should be granted an adequate warm-up-time in order to experience it in its best form.