Transient Workbench

The nvelope plugin is the perfect tool for shaping transients with your DAW. Just a few knobs give you the full power over the attack and sustain characteristics of single instruments or even complex audio material. Classic transient processing, selective enhancements in Dual Band mode, plus a mastering-grade shelf EQ – the nvelope plugin has got it all.

Enhanced Controls

The nvelope plugin comes with a few optimizations which were not possible on the hardware for technological reasons or space constraints, further improving the workflow on the DAW.

The three different modes can be toggled with a single button instead of the two button matrix, and the lettering of the controllers changes accordingly.

Also, the plugin version features an additional gain trimmer which could not be placed on the panel of the original hardware, which is a welcome addition to the Auto Gain function.

Three Plugins in One

The nvelope plugin offers no less than three different modes of operation with remarkably broad parameter ranges, proving its amazing flexibility in any situation ranging from subtle corrections during mixing to drastic changes while reshaping all sorts of individual tones.

Creative Options

“The nvelope blows open all sorts of creative options that have not been available to me using traditional dynamic tools. For a mixer like me that is crazy about manipulating dynamics, the nvelope brings things to a whole new level.”

Ronan Chris Murphy | Engineer & Producer | Los Angeles

“I think the elysia nvelope is a game changer. I use the hardware every time I track and I just started to use the software in the mix. It’s a great, unique tool that I find indispensable.”

F. Reid Shippen | Engineer & Producer | Nashville

The nvelope plugin is available for MacOS and Windows in 32 and 64 bits. The following formats are supported: AAX DSP, AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, AU, VST2 and VST3.