The Music. The Museq.

The museq plugin makes our musical equalizer come alive on your DAW. It has all the original tone and features the hardware is known and loved for, including the truly natural sounding EQ bands, the outstanding high/low cut filters with optional resonance and the Warm Mode sound shaper.

Mix & Master

The museq plugin license includes two separate versions optimized for specific tasks. This way, you can always choose the user interface that just works best for you.

The master version adds some powerful extras to the original hardware design, like the integrated M/S matrix for mid and side processing, the possibility to link both channels for more convenient stereo operation, and dedicated output level controllers for adapting your settings to the available headroom.

In addition to this master version with all the bells and whistles, a streamlined mix version with a reduced user interface taking less screen estate is included.

Useful Extras

The museq plugin provides all the features needed for performing convincing tonal enhancements in no time at all. On top of these, it also has some useful extras up its sleeve, so that standard EQing procedures can turn into creative fun sessions easily.

Magical EQ

“The elysia museq plugin is an absolutely magical EQ. Clear and intuitive controls wrapped around a beautiful sound. The resonant low cut filter and M/S modes allow me to add great levels of detail and spatial expansion. A permanent member of my mix buss.”

Charles Stella | Composer & Producer | Los Angeles

“I've spent quite some hours with the museq plugin and used it for my mastering projects all day, including a lot of A/B comparisons with my museq hardware. So, I could use the plug with a lot of different material, and I have to say this is really a well-done piece of software."

Brian Sanhaji | Mastering Engineer | Frankfurt

The museq plugin is available for MacOS and Windows in 32 and 64 bits. The following formats are supported: AAX DSP, AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, AU, VST2 and VST3.