The karacter plugin benefits from higher sample rates in two ways: In the first place, it profits from a much better resolution especially for high frequency distortion which reaches very high into the spectrum.

Secondly, it reduces aliasing artifacts and therefore brings the curves of the karacter‘s filter stages even closer to its analog counterparts.

The karacter plugin employs the oversampling technique in order to enjoy these advantages even if lower sample rates are used. This means that the basic sample rate of a project is multiplied by a certain factor inside the plugin without the need to set the complete project to a higher frequency.

This method consumes a certain amount of CPU power, but the acoustic result speaks for itself. The karacter plugin uses oversampling according to the following rules:

• Project sample rate lower than 50 kHz: 4x oversampling
• Project sample rate lower than 100 kHz: 2x oversampling
• Project sample rate higher than 100 kHz: no oversampling