Four Modes

The Master version of the karacter plugin offers a total of four different modes of operation:

Stereo Linked:
In this mode, both channels are linked and controlled by just a single set of controls for comfortably processing stereo sources. The specific knobs and switches of each channel now automatically control their corresponding counterparts, too.

Stereo Unlinked:
For those cases in which you want/need to make different settings for the left and right channel of a stereo signal, this is the mode to go for. For mere mono signals, the Mix version of the plugin is the tool of choice.

M/S Linked:
This can be an interesting and different sounding alternative to the Stereo Linked mode. In M/S, the signals are distributed differently to the two saturation stages of the karacter plugin. For example, the signal shares in the side channel can be rather low in level so they get clipped much less than in Stereo mode.

M/S Unlinked:
This gives you the option to process the mid and the side signals completely independent from each other. You can apply a high amount of saturation to the mid and leave the side completely untouched, or the other way round, or anything in between... Furthermore, different settings of the gain controllers can be used to create subtle or significant changes within the stereo spectrum.