xpress yourself. Just got a deeper meaning.

xpressor|neo takes what its original version elysia xpressor is skillfully capable of and opens up new sonic dimensions. What everyone loves about analog equipment is perceived depth in the audio signal and in xpressor|neo we’ve reworked the circuit design to give you even more sonic depth to fall in love with. Enjoy the deeper 3D processing that you will percept as… magic.
One that words can hardly describe.

YouTube video

The Highlights.

Class-A VCA compressor for recording, mixing and mastering
Completely new circuit redesign
State-of-the-art components for even more precise signal processing
Interesting for existing customers – due to improved sound quality
Wider and deeper three-dimensional stereo field
Better high-end detail reproduction
Extended low-end-energy
Clear and open sound with even faster transient response
More refined high-frequency reproduction
Professional quality at a low price

xpressor|neo pushes
the boundaries
even further.
In all directions.
Hear for yourself.

The next level xpressor.
Now available in your
beloved format.

We have been working hard for your great
sound experience. Now enjoy the beautiful results.

xpressor|neo qube

Our famous portable, light-weighted and rugged Version.

xpressor|neo 500 Module

The Beauty, that will be shining in your 500 Rack.

xpressor|neo 19″ Rack Version

A modern Classic. Re-Designed

sounds like a grownup,
modern compressor.
And it looks
like it.

We worked on xpressor|neo’s circuitry and… we polished its appearance. To ensure the highest and most consistent quality standard, we are manufacturing the front plates of our gear, including xpressor neo, at our own facilities. We reworked the xpressor|neo design to take a step forward once again. A step toward the future. The new faceplate is less light-reflective and gives you a better look at the values of potentiometers. We laser all values with our in-house laser machine.

The graphics are super sharp and clean. Plus, they will not wear off as they’re burned into the aluminum of the faceplate. We changed the graphical values for the gain reduction LEDs to make xpressor neo look cleaner and ease your eyes. Great design combined with functionality is important to us.

We changed the little buttons that now have a little dent and feel incredible for your fingertips from the first touch. The logo of xpressor|neo appears bigger due to the enlarged cutout. We relocated the cut edges from the mid of the face plate to its sides. They now appear much more prominent and beautifully reflect the lighting of your mixing or mastering studio, giving xpressor|neo a significant frame. And last but not least – the most important part of the analog hardware equipment – the potentiometers. They let you touch your music. They give you something to hold on to during a long day in the studio… They… Well, you understand how important knobs are, or you wouldn’t be reading this.

The new knobs have a slightly different finish that feels amazing, reflects the lighting surrounding your studio, and makes xpressor|neo look outstanding to optically fit its sounding capabilities. We truly believe that the looks of the tools you’re using matter. Your tools should inspire you all along the line. xpressor|neo will excite you in any way.