Pan60 12/2010
Pan60: "elysia has been a voice to be reckoned with since their debut when it comes to compression. The xpressor is no exception. A combination of modern assemble technology and high quality components in the audio path as now delivered by elysia, as well as making the 500 format just that much more appealing!"
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Beat 12/2010
Henning Schonvogel: "6 out of 6 points – Editor's choice. The results are flawless and better than most of the competition in terms of precision. The xpressor 500 truly lives up to its claim of being an affordable high end product. The asked price for all this is really a steal. Get one now!"
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Sound & Recording 10/2010
Hannes Bieger: "Class-A circuitry, stereo processing, many special features, and then the incredible price: elysia has created a super hot candidate for the title “Compressor with the best value for money ratio in its class”. The functional range is truly amazing. As a result, there is almost no signal which could not benefit from such a Swiss dynamics knife."
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Music Store 09/2012
Daniel Škrášek: "The xpressor is something new, something different, something interesting and something fascinating. Many times I found myself experimenting with different settings for hours. Everything sounded good, all of the time, and sometimes the results can only be described as fantastic."

Producao Audio 06/2012
Miguel Pinheiro Marques: "The xpressor is truly a swiss army knife when it comes to audio compression, because it can handle every type of instruments, groups or mixes in very transparent and musical ways. And the most amazing thing is that elysia made this incredible tool at a very affordable price, which makes it a no-brainer purchase."

Keys 01/2012
Tim Schuldt: "The xpressor convinces in every aspect. It combines extreme flexibility with premium sound qualities. No matter if used on single, group or sum signals, the results are always positive and versatile. Because of the delivered quality, the price results in a very good value for money ratio. And the xpressor does not have to fear the competition of much more expensive units at all."

Professional audio 11/2011
Georg Berger: "The rack version of the elysia's xpressor is a high-flying dynamics processor. Its construction and build quality are absolutely breathtaking. Looking at the qualities of the xpressor, elysia could have sold it for twice the price easily – and because they didn't, the value for money rating must be estimated as phenomenal."

Studio Magazin 10/2011
Fritz Fey: "The xpressor meets the requirements for being used in professional environments in every single aspect, and it outperforms considerably more expensive competitors easily. Never before has such a high level of technology in combination with such a creative concept been offered for so little money. The xpressor defines a new value for money class which stands unequaled today..."

This is what enthused users told us in emails or wrote on the Internet:

Holy shitballs!!!!
- Benmrx

I’m writing to let you know that your xpressor 500 Discrete Class-A Stereo Compressor you sent in for testing has passed with flying colors. Thanks again for your interest in the VPR Alliance!
- Andrea Wilson (API)

I was always impressed with their hardware units but couldn't afford them. But after listening to the demos and seeing the price blows my mind. I have a completely filled 6 space lunch box and am now seeing what I can do about getting a rackmount 500 LB.
- Bexametric

elysia has been a voice to be reckoned with since their debut when it comes to compression. The xpressor 500 is no exception. A combination of modern assemble technology and hi quality components in the audio path, making the 500 format just that much more appealing! A great sounding and performing compressor with some wicked features begging to be strapped on a two buss. The elysia xpressor 500 drives it home with those modern stunning looks. Thumbs up from the pan man. Put your hands on one!
- pan60

This thing has a great build quality and the pots feel very expensive. You also get the award for cutest owners manual for a 500 series product. I am thinking I should have got 2. It is quite amazing how much 'mpressor' character it has. I love it! To me this comp seem like the ultimate 'group bus' comp. Like it for drums, guitars, backing vocals, Rhodes/Wurlie etc… The amount of variation and tone is pretty awesome though. Nice work elysia dudes! You killed it on this one.
- Rob King

For this price, it's a no-brainer! I can't believe elysia's put something out so affordable! Kudos to them and me gonna get one for myself as well!
- MPCist

Man this thing is great! What a fantastic buss compressor. Of all the features, I've found the Gain Reduction Limiter to be the biggest surprise. I'm really turning to that more often than anything else. That's a great feature. It's something I kind of overlooked when reading about the xpressor. The SCF works great too. You can really subtly dial back in the bottom end if you feel it needs it. The 'warm mode' is subtle but effective. It's definitely a noticeable difference. A little harmonic saturation, I can see that being useful. I'm very, very happy with this compressor, definitely a valuable and useful tool in my arsenal!
- Dwane Hollands

After proper installation of the xpressor 500 into my API 1608, I turned the knobs and quickly realized how different this compressor is. Its modern character sets it apart from its competitors. No more low end issues after you've compressed the beat; the SCF makes you work in the desired frequency range. It works so well in any situation that I'm considering getting another one! Price-wise it's a no brainer...
- Antonio de Jesus

I have to say that I have never felt better about a purchase without trying it, the xpressor 500 exceeded my expectations and really fulfilled my quest for a affordable mix bus compressor. I hope to buy more elysia products in the future and one day buy the alpha, as i now feel there is no way that any company could top it. 975$ got me this, i could only imagine the alpha!
- John Barnes

Love it!!! Pots feel really expensive. The unit sounds fantastic too... no brainer at this price point. It's portable enough for me to lug it with me in my lunchbox to the game studio. elysia has got a hit on it's hands. Top notch product and stellar customer service to go along with it.
- Houseplant

Really cool compressor. On the clean side, but the warm mode can make things sound a bit fatter and all the tweakability is a huge asset. Lots of parameters to mix and match, but they are all useful and make this compressor a great swiss army knife. I am really liking the inclusion of the GRL. It has been really instrumental in allowing me to only compress a certain amount without overdoing it. Love the parallel compression via the mix knob and the side chain. These two options really let you dial in the compression. The unit is sounding really good, and what a great deal. Go elysia!
- Riffmachine

This thing looks pretty cool... the 500 series was looking pretty stagnant before this. That's right... The 500 series hasn't had a great module come out in quite some time, and one of my favorites was recently discontinued. This breathes some new life into the format.
- Tony Belmont

It is apparent that a lot of thought went into this design; the choice of controls and what they affect make it very fast and easy to realize the sound in my head with very little tweaking. The sweet spot is very wide as well, which I appreciate. Suffice it to say, it is not a recreation of a vintage unit, but stands wholly on its own merits.

Just want to let you I'd received the xpressor already and tested it right away! All I can say is... is WOW! I love it the sound and everything. Thanks again for your professional service and all the best.
- Gino Salvador

I need to comment on the newest 500 family member, the elysia xpressor 500. All discrete, class-A design stereo comp with lots of features. Parallel compression, log release and gain reduction limiter to name just a few. This thing made my day. I am really impressed. Learn more about this universal tool, other products and its innovative designers - support these guys!!
- Alex Theisen

I've been playing around with my xpressor 500 for around 3 weeks and so far. I must say I'm really mpressed ;-) Its such a flexible compressor, from massive pumping for electronic stuff to smooth bus compression with the Log Rel and the SCF plus crazy effect compression with the negative ratios, it's definitely not a one trick pony. I also looove the gain reduction limiter, it's so nice to control the amount of gain reduction, especially for pumping stuff... And for the price it's definitely a no brainer.
- Chris Doll

I dig it best on drum bus. I find it to be very punchy. Build quality is just amazing. Best I've ever used for this kind of money... Now go make a stereo EQ!
- Tobias Lindell