Pan60 04/2014
Pan60: "A very nice piece of gear, as expected. elysia delivers, yet again, in a very cool 500  form product. The basis for more gear lust! A big thumbs up, guys. If you are looking for a two buss EQ, don’t hesitate to check the xfilter 500 out :)"
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Future Music 03/2014
Robbie Stamp: "The xfilter 500 will behave like a smooth professional and you can trust it to enhance without degrading, and yet it offers a world of radical reshaping that makes it a highly creative tool. I’m having a problem thinking of a reason not to buy one."
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Music Tech 02/2014
Mike Hillier: "The xfilter is a fantastic and versatile tool that we would happily give a place to on our stereo mix buss. However, it isn’t limited to this role and performed fantastically on just every sound we put through it. At this price, the xfilter is almost a must have tool for your mix buss."
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Audio Xpress 12/2013
Miguel Marques: "While testing the xfilter 500, I felt elysia created one of the finest equalizers I’ve ever heard. All in all, this is definitely the type of gear that serious professionals will want to have as it will pay for itself, due to its excellent sound quality, adaptability, and build quality."
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Tape Op 11/2013
Eli Crews: "The xfilter 500 has done what I've asked of it on every occasion - make what I run through it sound better. Whether I'm looking for sheen, warmth, bottom, midrange, sparkle... the xfilter has performed dutifully and happily. The Passive Massage really is a treat."
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Mix Magazine 11/2013
Brandon T. Hickey: "There is certainly a need for this new tool, and with the ability to find the best in any piece of audio and exploit it, it’s hard to imagine any future competition outdoing what elysia has already done here. A whole rack of these would be a welcome addition to any studio."
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Tools4Music 10/2013 
Christian Boche: "After all, there really is something like 3D in audio – the three 500 series modules by elysia build a triptych of great sound, in which the xfilter plays the role of a delightful indulgence. All in all, this is audio culture at celebrity chef level.“
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Bonedo 07/2013
Hannes Bieger: "Trying to explain the sonic spectrum of the xfilter 500 would go like this: Clear, open, punchy, but still with pretty silky air... The elysia EQ proves at once what an explicitly powerful tool it really is. Looking at the very high grade hardware and the vast potential of it, the price is absolutely OK."
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Audio Times 06/2013
Robert Campbell: "First thing to say is that the elysia xfilter 500 is a very classy sounding equalizer. If you need a really high quality stereo EQ for stem and 2-buss work then you should audition the  xfilter 500. And of course it will work its magic across a whole range of mono and stereo sources as well."
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Professional Audio 06/2013
Georg Berger: "Once more elysia shows that a great sound, striking features and transparency do allow a favorable buying price after all. The manufacturer remains true to its principles, which could be summed up as high end sound and quality at a low cost price, or 'Class-A for the people'."
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Pro Tools Expert 06/2013
James Ivey: "I'll be very reluctant to give this one back, I have to admit. The pots feel nice, got a real quality feel about it. As a mastering EQ or as a buss EQ, it's really really powerful, very clean and really nice. Thanks so much elysia for that one!"
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This is what enthused users told us in emails or wrote on the Internet:

Stereo linked AND stepped? I'm done messing with EQs with variable pots and anemic markings for recall and stereo matching! That combined with elysia's reputation for high quality, clear, clean and punchy sound and amazing highs that sound like electric and this just closed the door on the 500 series for EQs. I know from experience with my museq - once you try the low cut with the resonance turned up to shape a kick drum or EQ a drum bus, it's game over. You'll know what a ridiculously tight and punchy low end sounds like!
- Frank Perry

Happy owner of serial # 39. The xfilter is pretty much a knockout winner on the 2 buss! Resonance filters .... so tasty!! Obviously it's a cleaner EQ, but this feature set in a 500 series stereo mod is ridiculous! Passive Massage is really nice, too. It's subtle, as it should be.

I've been waiting for an EQ with these features without breaking the bank and the announcement of this product has been a very welcome one. Now that I've played with it for a while, I can says that I'm not disappointed at all! And the Passive Massage is a great bonus! Amazing work elysia !
undercover coq

All stepped - Check. Extra high shelf - Check. One set of controls for stereo - Check. Exactly what I was looking for!

elysia’s design and engineering capabilities are already well known, but I need to point out that attention to details, aesthetic, packing, manuals and support are as great as it can be, so we are lucky to get real high-end quality in all respects at such attractive price point. It is quite rare that I get impressed by new gears (not to mention 500 series), but elysia forced me to re-consider some opinions related to this form factor. Kudos to the guys at elysia.
- Greg Yang

This is such an incredible unit: Class-A stereo EQ with 4 bands, really nice functions including a passive filter and HP/LP with resonance, stepped pots, great quality opamps and caps, all with an incredible build quality overall!
Miguel Marques

To build something analog this nice at this fair a price is amazing. This company GETS IT! Consider me a future customer. I hope they sell a ton of these and spend the money they make paying for R and D on many other successful products. Good luck with your new product elysia!

Don't you just love it when companies over-deliver? I can't see a single reason why this isn't going to be my first outboard EQ. Can anyone think of something as versatile, with a similar feature set for the money?

This looks great, it's pretty much all I was looking for in a 2bus EQ. So few units have one set of controls for both channels! From the video and the sound clips the highs sound great. Very much on my radar.

A little disappointed about the lack of back rub feature, but other than that looks stellar. I have an xpressor and nvelope, both are great, I'm sure this is, too. Time to start saving....
Paul Taylor

All I can say is wow, the 2 buss EQ crowd has a new friend... The option of switching to filters vs. shelves is very nice, and seeing how far each of the peaking bands reach (with narrow or wide settings available too) you could filter top and / or bottom and pump up the bottom and top without flub or too much extreme top. Look at the range of the low-mid and high-mid bands, you can get just about anywhere you want on a mix just with those if you want filtering while EQ'ing in the same box.

The xfilter is great. I'm very impressed with the overall sound, but especially the Passive Massage setting.
Brandon Hickey

Must say, I love my xfilter and xpressor 500s and can't wait to get more elysia gear into my studio. And love the videos, haha!