Pan60 11/2012
Pan60: "Guys, as always, I love what you have done :) The build, attention to detail, and adamant dedication to service, coupled with products that sound great and just rock, make you a manufacturer that I have no issues recommending. I’m giving a big, big thumbs up!"
> Read more... 10/2012
Hannes Bieger: "The nvelope 500 has everything that could be expected from such a tool, coming at an advanced level of quality...  The superior build quality of this product deserves to be praised one more time... All I can say: Get one, especially at this price!"
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Sound On Sound 10/2012
Matt Houghton: "If you need a couple of channels of simple yet high-quality analogue EQ and/or transient processing, then, this seems like a bit of a no-brainer purchase. The price isn’t exactly steep considering what’s on offer here — two channels of two different processors. Some manufacturers would charge you the same for a single channel of EQ! Recommended."
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Keys 10/2012
Nils Hahmann: "Although it does not have too many controllers, the nvelope 500 is an incredibly flexible tool which can be used both for single tracks or the master bus with great benefit. You can form a signal and enhance its cut in the mix without deforming it too much by excessive EQing or compression. The EQ is of the highest grade and so much more than just a nice addition."
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Mix Magazine 09/2012
Kevin Becka: "I’m a transient shaping skeptic. I’ve used various products in the past but never found them very usable or musical. The nvelope 500 changed my mind. It is one of those processors that you’ll miss once you discover its magic.And if you don’t have tracks that need transient/sustain help, the EQ is excellent. This unit is a must hear and is highly recommended."
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Professional audio 01/2013
Michael Nötges: "It seems there are almost no creative limits, but endless possibilities for using this impulse shaper... I can't get rid of the feeling that everyone who has used the nvelope for processing drums will hardly want to use any other processor for this ever again... It quickly becomes clear I just don't want to use a transient shaper without a Dual Band option anymore."
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Studio Magazin 11/2012
Fritz Fey: "It's an incredible fun to dive into the magic world of impulse shaping when you are given such potential tools. You do not even get close to this with any compressor in the world... The nvelope leaves a very positive impression, and I would not hesitate a second to give it a strong recommendation."
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Mix Architekt 10/2012
Tim Walter: "elysia's nvelope delivers a swift kick in the balls to the status quo, and makes you reconsider what's what in the world. There's a wide range of sounds to explore with this special unit, and it gives back as much as you put into it. Bravo elysia!"
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This is what enthused users told us in emails or wrote on the Internet:

Finally after five years, the first elysia hardware is in my studio… the nvelope 500. It's one of those pieces of gear that after being tested, only a def person could say something wrong about it. It does what it's supposed to, in a great and unique way. Thumbs up again!
- Pino Pischetola

A smarter, more flexible, sexier TD at a fantastic price. No way I am not buying this.
- Silver Sonya

This is a box that does exactly what it says it does, and it does it very, very well. It delivered the EXACT thing I was after: A bit of extra definition (via the attack control), and a slight decrease in the low end sustain to keep some of the faster parts from getting murky or overly boomy. I can very much see this thing becoming quite addictive. It makes such short work of drum processing that it almost feels like you're cheating. Yeah, I think I'll probably end up with another one (or three) of these things. Very cool unit; can't recommend highly enough.
- bgrotto

The only thing I don't know is how many of these boxes I will buy. Most interesting product I've seen for a long time. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
- Grin-go-go

It's like a next generation TD that can be a stereo high and low shelf EQ. And it's either dual mono OR linked stereo AND it's under $1000? You guys are amazing. At that price, I'd buy two just to keep one in TD mode and one in EQ mode! Crazy. Sick. And I love that you guys don't play waiting games with silly announcements or pre-orders that stretch out over months. You make an announcement when you're already shipping! That's how professionals do it.
- Frank Perry

I need one of these right away!!! I have been waiting!!!
- Joel Hamilton

The unit is brilliant - it's far more useful in mastering than I think people would give it credit for. It's exactly what I've needed. Saving dead/lifeless mixes, making bottomless bass, in M/S for making width from almost nowhere - adding a little transient detail in the sides, or using sustain in the sides to bring out atmospheric detail in narrow electronic tracks... Also the opposite - bringing drums out in crazy-super-over-wide mixes. The list goes on and on. And as a shelf addict, the unit in EQ mode just sounds great. I'm sure you can tell that I am very happy with the unit, and so I wanted to say thank you personally.
- Bob Macciochi

Speechless, the only thing to say is elysia doesn't only make top notch gear, they also bring a whole new and fresh approach to mixing with things like this. The xpressor did it already for me and I can picture a shedload of cool things I could do with this one.
- Retinal

I am really impressed by this box. The multi-band approach really opens up many applications that other TD style devices just can't do. Shorten a boomy kick while keeping the sustain of a retro-flavored snare intact, for example. Adding punch in the bottom end while at the same time keeping rumble under control. Add transient detail just to the ride cymbals. It also does uber-crazy compressor-pumping effects that actually beat the results of the boxes I usually use for that kind of thing... without even being a compressor. Go figure.
- Denis Goekdag

This thing is so fucking awesome, I just don't know what to say... It takes the most timid tracks and turns them into a monster. Seriously, this is just unbelievable. Sustain applied to the low mids is just ridiculous. Reverb trails and artifacts become upfront characters in a morbid play. Patching the xpressor at the front or the back end of the nvelope is a world of fun. I'm now re-wiring my patch bay for making the most of both of them... You already know what great work this is, but congrats to you again on such a smashing product! More people need to know about this, as it does what I think most are expecting out of an extreme and colorful compressor.
- Tim Walter

German engineering at its best. I need a new lunchbox, but this will be the first module I buy to sit alongside the elder brother - the xpressor. Dual mono, linked stereo, shelf EQ, I'm only thinking of the amount of sheer options and how many variations to dial in a specific sound. This is everything I expected from you guys but a whole lot more.
- GFC Productions

The individual instruments impressed me but it was the program material that REALLY impressed me; in a 'I don't think I can get quite this effect and quality with what I have already' way. I'm another very happy xpressor 500 owner, this sounds like a great tagteam buddy for my buss!
- Matty C

So cool, kudos to you! The Dual Band mode is such a killer – you can give every single instrument its own space and form its sound at the top and bottom. I have the feeling that I can use the frequency controllers to make the top and bottom sound thin or fat – just like I want.
- Oliver König

I spent some days with this baby and I love it. It's definitely an improvement for my signal chain. Love the EQ mode on the 2buss. Very smooth. Have to mix the other days with other modes, but am certainly sure it'll perfectly do the job. Thanx elysia!
- Magucci

All I can say is that I'm very glad I bought this unit! So flexible, it can do a lot of things outside the box and with a punchier and warm sound, better than plugins. Already tested on a drum bus. Sounds big and warm! Thanks a lot for a good product.
- Elswee Vasques

I've been saving for an xpressor, and now this comes out?! Very impressive, I definitely see this coming after the xpressor purchase to round out my lunchbox. And a sexy looking lunchbox it will be.
- Cody