Mix Magazine 09/2009
George Petersen: "elysia’s museq equalizer was selected by the editors of Mix as one of the Top-20 hits of AES 2009, as reported online and in the November 2009 issue. Congratulations on creating a hit product. We look forward to discovering more of these from you in the months and years to come. Keep ’em coming!"
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Resolution Awards 2010 Winner
Zenon Schoepe: "Perhaps innovation doesn't speak to everyone as loudly and obviously as quality does, yet when the two combine in a product the result can be magnificent and game-changing. The Resolution Awards recognize quality and innovation in professional audio and the products highlighted here have been judged to be outstanding in these respects."
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Sound & Recording 01/2010
Hannes Bieger: "Because of its technical and sonic qualities, the museq is the right tool for engineers who appreciate transparency. The sound always stays silky and never declines into nasty harshness. Its sound shaping options make the museq a premiere choice for a clean and elegant sound. The museq can do it all, and more."

96kHz.de 12/2009
Edgar Teodoro: "Every single details of this unit is musical and sophisticated, and the build quality is outstanding. With its wonderful, tight sound and its broad possibilities of use, the museq does not need to be afraid of its competitors. Its classy looks make the museq not only a pleasure to listen to, but some very nice candy for the audiophile eye as well."

The music, the museq. Here is why people love it:

I've been using one for about a month now. I really enjoy it. I have run it on individual instruments and entire mixes. It feels extremely flexible and I feel like it works with me instead of against me. I can cut problem frequencies and provide a broad warmth curve at the same time. I also feel like I can tone the low end easily with a resonant low shelf and some tuning using the second band of the museq. It's the only EQ I reach for these days.
- Kevin Patzelt

Being that I’m not an engineer or mixer and my primary income is from playing, session work and music directing, it should tell you something about how much I love this EQ that I bought it for my private studio. Thanks again to you and Ruben for creating such a wonderful EQ.
- Frank Perry

I just have to tell you again how fat this EQ is. I am so glad that I have decided to purchase it. This thing is the weapon!! The sound is great, and the frequency ranges are perfect for me. The possibilities the resonance high and low pass filters provide are killer! An absolutely stunning EQ!
- Brian Sanhaji

Hi elysia, first off I'd like to say thank you for your stunning work in the field of pro audio. I can definitely see myself building a full elysia museq, mpressor and alpha rack over the course of time. My new museq is phenomenal both as a mix tool and mastering tool. Truly versatile.
- JB Vries

Hey Dominik, I'm sending you this thing back. My Logic EQ is so much better. But wait, I'm just kidding. Send me the invoice – I definitively want to keep it!!!
- Julius Selbach

You've made a fantastic equalizer! Exactly what I was looking for, from the bottom to the air, I love it. I'm very impressed on how easy it is to make the sound good with it. The resonant filters are great for creative tweaks, and make a great bottom, and the warm mode is a really good addition when we need to smooth things a bit. Thanks for making such amazing tools!
- Olivier Baumann

The low freq for example is instantly good and tight. To get the the same results from other EQs is difficult. The museq is cleaner... more true to the sound. I also like the museq because it is so punchy. I want to keep it at my studio – I've already reserved a place in my rack.
- Bart Kok

Just wanted to let you know I picked a museq a few months ago, and I am very pleased with the sound of the unit. It has already mastered a bunch of songs that are in the Billboard top albums and singles! I hope to hear some other great gear from elysia soon.
- Glenn Schick

I have way more EQs than compressors, and I feel that the potential of EQs is underestimated. I have lots of fun with the museq on a daily basis. You'll soon hear the first museq-treated sounds on a couple of Hollywood trailers I'm just working on.
- Tobias Menguser

It's a very crisp and transparent EQ that allows tons of boost without sounding EQed – I often find myself boosting 10-15 dB without taking particular note of that ;-) I wouldn't call the museq a 'super clean EQ', though it *can* be super clean, but the slew rate limiting circuit that can be switched into the signal path gives it a nice subtle 'vintage' type coloring. The bottom end is very solid, the treble very smooth yet fast – transient response on the unit is nearly scary. This EQ can be both subtle, and it can as well be used for extreme curve bending while always retaining signal integrity… elysia style.
- Denis Goekdag

It's a superb unit. The bottom is very tight and punchy indeed, the mids are my favorite, the sound is clear and fast with a certain vibe. The sheen is also great sounding, the top or air frequencies are very clear and perfect for me. The overall sound of the museq is clear, punchy with a vibe and a beautiful stereo field. Cutting or boosting is great, and it is true – you can boost and the sound will never get harsh.
- Inflater

I've just got a museq from my dealer. The unit is really fantastic and is what I was looking for. Really a great unit. Everything that comes from the museq is always better than the source. Very few machines can do this. I'm purchasing it.
- Marco D'Agostino

I have tried it with lots of kinds of music. Impressive... really. Very intuitive, transparent but with a sort of character, difficult to explain. The 'warm' mode is good, too. Seems to loose a little of scalpel precision for the benefit of a sort of glue and smoothing sound. The top end is really effective for people who need 'air', and just when you feel you're getting to much of it, switch on the 'warm' mode and it gives the top more smoothness with more harmonics. Very nice. The resonance mode is a great find too, especially in the low end for mastering, when you need a little bouncing sound in the bass plus a low cut filter at the same time.
- Achaiss