Mix Foundation 10/2008
Hillel Resner/Karen Dunn: "24th Annual Technical Excellence and Creativity Awards - elysia mpressor nominated for outstanding technical achievement in the category of signal processing technology. Presented by the Mix Foundation for excellence in audio in recognition of the outstanding achievement in the professional audio industry."
> TEC Award Nominees 2008

Sound On Sound 08/2008
Paul White: "The mpressor is one of the most versatile compressors I’ve ever come across. Its low distortion, ultra-transparent circuitry makes it perfectly suited to mastering and mixing in the traditional sense, while those weapons-grade extras make it invaluable for beefing up drums or bass – or just about anything else you want to energise."
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Réalisason 04/2008
Frank Ernould: "Mild settings make the mpressor be a well-behaved, efficient and transparent compressor, able to control the most tormented signals without being noticed. Tickle it a bit too much […] and you will reveal the beast within, turning an acoustic snare drum into an 8-bit drum-machine-snare, a Garage Band loop into a heavy-weight-beat."
>

Audio Media 03/2008
Simon Tillbrook: "The elysia mpressor turned out to be quite an eye opener. This is far more than just another compressor with a few clever bits, this is a high-end sonically stunning and highly creative device, and the more time you have with the elysia mpressor the more you will understand and the harder it will be to let it go."
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Recording Magazin 03/2008
Stephan Kirschner: "The mpressor gives studio projects a creative push and invites to experiment. […] The unit takes a little bit of practice in order to understand all of its new possibilities, but all the more light bulb moments you will encounter. The mpressor will inspire anybody from the experimental electronic musician to the classic rock engineer."
>

Sound & Recording 02/2008
Hannes Bieger: "If you are interested in a 'modern' all-round compressor that can also turn into a creative sound monster by all means, the mpressor is for you. Not only does it cover the 'standards', but it shines as a loud-maker and convinces with its spectacular sound effects that partly have never been heard before."
>

Studio Magazin 01/2008
Fritz Fey: "The mpressor is […] an absolutely unique design that outranges the limits of conventional concepts by far. The complete circuitry layout is a true original. No matter if it is used for tracking or as a buss compressor or maybe even for mastering applications – the mpressor holds all the aces. Hats off!"
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Amazona.de 12/2007
Hagen Fin: "The sound of the mpressor is an explicit antipode to clean digital compressors. Here the correlations between amplitude modulation and THD virtually seem to jump into your face, with the bottom line that everything simply sounds much more alive than a digital emulation. Extraordinary! A must-have item…"
>

Professional audio 11/2007
Michael Nötges: "Analog does not necessarily mean vintage: because of its innovative features, the mpressor is as modern as it is state of the art concerning its concept and construction. It sounds excellent and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of flexible dynamics processing and fancy sound design."
>

The future of compressors

by Joel Hamilton
TapeOp (USA) – January 2008

Please read this with the “movie guy” voice in your mind. Many years have passed since the invention of the compressor, and the world has seen many incarnations of this piece of recording history. Through the ages, the compressor has morphed from a simple AGC or “automatic gain control” into a box capable of radically altering the source. Now enter the mpressor by elysia. See the future of compressors… today!

Okay, now back to my typical Brooklyn loudmouth disposition. The mpressor. Wow… How can I even convey my enthusiasm for this box?!?!? This compressor truly is something I can safely say is new. The designer of the mpressor also designed the SPL Transient Designer, yet another great box that rethought the way an envelope shaping device should work. The mpressor brings an entirely new spin on the classic compressor design. I almost feel bad referencing “classic” in the case of the mpressor, as this thing is destined to be a classic, but without any trace of looking to the past for inspiration. Here is a bold statement: the mpressor is truly the most forward-thinking creative compression tool available today – period.

That being said, let’s look at why I am freaking out so hard about this box. First of all, the one feature that sold me on this box before even demoing out (besides on the floor at the AES show, which is usually a pretty useless way to hear anything), is the GR Limit knob. This acts like a control voltage limiter to the gain reduction circuit. That means you can get a tone together with a time constant you feel is flattering to the track, get your drum bus really slamming and feeling really correct for the track, then you can actually limit the amount of gain reduction applied to the source, without changing the threshold or changing anything about the sound you worked hard to get rolling – no more pumpy cymbals on the drum bus where you don’t want them. Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

Add to this amazing box the incredibly useful, weird, EQ circuit. In the very well-written manual, the EQ curves are described in detail. They are also discussed on the Elysia website, so I won’t waste space with the tech aspects of the EQ section, but I will say this. The EQ section allows me to “re-voice” the compressor to suit the application. The EQ is postcompression, and having a bit more low end on the back end of the compression can really get drums “whomping”. Or easing up on the bottom a bit and giving the drums a kind of upper-mid and high-end tilt can get the overheads and rooms really sparkling. Whatever the song calls for, the mpressor seems to have it. Used simply as a limiter for tracking overly dynamic vocals, the box is absolutely incredible as well. The fact that I can get 15 dB of gain reduction almost completely devoid of audible artifacts is incredible, or I can hit the Anti Log button and really hear the compressor working.

elysia basically just hit it on the head with this box. Everything I ever wanted in a stereo compressor, without too many options or gimmicks. The face of the mpressor is not “simple” nor is it overly complex – just the right amount of choices/options to make this my go-to compressor. I am lucky that I get to work on many different styles of music, and when I am mixing a track with Tom Waits singing, I am going after something pretty different than when I am mixing something super-heavy, or super-avant, or something achingly beautiful. The mpressor works in all of those circumstances and really, really shines. I bought one of the first five in the U.S., and it has quickly become one of my favorite compressors. I have managed to collect many choices, and though the ADL 670 pretty much stays parked on the 2-mix, the mpressor has really become a box that I would take anywhere with me. The mpressor is built like a tank, and I feel like I could put it in one of my traveling racks and hop on a plane. I will be bringing it with me to Tiny Telephone for some Book Of Knots sessions, and I really wouldn’t leave home without it.

I can’t recommend the mpressor highly enough. It truly is a glimpse at the future of compressors, and even fifty years from now I am not sure we will see an all-analog box that can do all the amazing things the mpressor can do… unless the geniuses at Elysia figure out a way to outdo themselves. If and when they do, I will be first in line for that box.

If you need a stereo/linkable compressor that does everything well – and most things incredibly well – this box is for you. The mpressor took the place of the much coveted Neve 33609 on my drum bus right away, and the 33609 is one of my favorite compressors ever (along with my ADL 670). The mpressor should be in your rack if you need a compressor that will make your mixes better – and more fun. Really. Truly. Amazing. The mpressor is worth every penny of its asking price – and then some. Thank you Dominik and Ruben (elysia) for making an incredible box that I will be loving for years to come.

Read again in the movie guy voice: If you don’t have an mpressor yet, you haven’t seen the future of compression.