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Unicorn or time travel?

The Joel Hamilton Interview

I got one of the first 2 elysia mpressors in the United States, and I only got number 2 because Michael Brauer can run surprisingly fast when there is great gear at stake...  Since getting the mpressor in the rack, next to some super sought-after "classic" compressors, I really feel that the mpressor is truly an incredible device, and I said so in a TapeOp review of the unit ages ago.

I am a fan of elysia, and the mpressor. Dominik answers some important questions below. Enjoy.

Who the heck is "elysia"?

elysia is what fell out of my poor tortured brain after thinking about possible brand names night after night during the start phase of the company. We wanted to have something short and significant, ideally hinting at sophistication and excellence in terms of what we do. After five years of doing what we do, we are still pleased with the choice we made. But you know, we're not native speakers, so after a while we learned that Elysia is also a girl's name in some English speaking countries. That's cool - our greetings to all the sweet Elysias out there!

Did Ruben travel to the future when designing the mpressor? If no, why not?

He was originally casted for the role of Doc Brown, so I'm pretty sure you're right about this (although he never tells anybody). Just like in the movie, I think we're much more looking at a round trip... the discrete technology used in the mpressor is a secret art from the past which only a few people know to master these days, while the concept of this compressor certainly does not rest on what we call Vintage these days. We wanted the mpressor to become a truly modern and highly flexible piece, and if you ask me, I think we pretty much nailed it.

Would you ever consider making sweatshirts with the word "ELYSIA" in a pink "spray paint" type font? Mostly to sell in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

You wouldn't believe it, but a hardcore fan of the alpha compressor (a guy who does not even own the machine) made a whole collection of T-Shirts with different photos of the alpha on it, in different colors, sizes and even Girlie shirts. He did not only give these shirts to his friends, but also sent a pile of them to Germany for us. The only thing missing was some lingerie to go with it ;-) So yes, the future of pro audio (especially talking about analog stuff) is merchandise, and a pink spray paint elysia shirt should definitively be the perfect start.

Are you sorry you ever sold me an mpressor?

We're sorry that we didn't sell you two... just think about traveling and stuff... some spares would really come in handy. On the other hand, we're really glad about the one machine you have. The one reason is that you, dear Joel, belong to the few people who got the concept and the idea of the mpressor in all its aspects right from the start, and that you keep telling people how great it is - thanks a lot, dude! The other is that so much great music is sent through it because of and by you. Wild things we really like a lot!

What is next for elysia? Possibly a tube DI box with pan pots?

Oh boy, the drawer is crowded with cool ideas.... The main 'problem' is that elysia has remained a two-people-business ever since, and we really have to pick our projects carefully because of obvious time limitations. We have a lot of fun boxes and custom stuff as prototypes from former times on the shelves - I really do hope that besides 'serious' processing we are involved in at the moment we'll find more time to care about more creative and crazy gear, too. For example a tube DI with automated pan pots, sure ;-)

If you could turn into a unicorn and save the world, or travel through time 18 minutes forward or back, which would you choose?

That's a tough one: On the one hand, we could build the most accurate look-ahead gear of all times, on the other we could save the planet and everything on it. I don't know... We've seen so many movies that show the many things that can go wrong during time traveling. But being a unicorn is no fun either - you can't even turn the knobs on the gear you love. I think I'd ask Joel to do this for us. I mean, the guy has been on a Vespa race throughout the US for charity. He must know.

Thanks, Elysia!

Thanks, Joel. Always a pleasure!