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Audio Days Paris 2012

Meet the makers

Meet the maker behind Meet the makers: Christophe from Audio Addict at the door of Studio de la Grande Armée.

A few hours later, things looked quite different. This picture needed some heavy squeezing to fit everybody in.

Gaël Martinet from Flux showed us his new Pure Analyzer System. Absolutely amazing. These guys know what they are doing!

Roland Stenz and Kerstin Mischke from the new speaker company Eve Audio based in Berlin. Hope to see you again soon.

Dominik and Brad are taking a time out in front of the grand piano. Audio Days has a very nice, personal and relaxed atmosphere.

These guys have traveled a long way: Harmoko Aguswan and his wife Yovita from Big Knob Audio in Indonesia.

Guillaume Pille from Two Notes during a live demonstration of their very impressive tools for the demanding guitar player.

After Audio Days had closed its doors, it was time to finally go home. Two exciting shows in a row, but the release of the nvelope 500 was getting very close now...

Audio Days was a premiere for us, and it was a little bit crazy as well. The show took place just one day after Musikmesse in Frankfurt had closed its doors...

This is how the main room looked before the show started. The manufacturers just started to come in, many directly from Frankfurt.

And here is our booth neighbor, Brad from Avenson Design. Brad is a super friendly guy, and he builds some very clever stuff.

Tom VDH and the next true star coming from France: Alex Keren. Make sure to check out his great album "Walkin' On".

In the background you can see Dave Hill giving a workshop on analog compressor technology. In the front: Klinger Favre.

Tom, however, can't resist his ongoing lust for gear and checks out the Tornade Audio stuff.

alpha and museq owners Philippe Teissier du Cros and Raphaël Jonin present their latest project: hd-audio-files.com

The Phantom Mixer strikes again! Tom takes the chance to spend some time in the mixing room of Studio de la Grande Armée.