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AES Paris 2006

Baguette and class-A

Beyond question: Paris in spring is the place to be. And even more if you get the chance to combine work with convenience - of course we're talking about the European AES Show in Paris from May 20th to May 23rd 2006...

New visions for sound - a nice motto for the second big appearance of the alpha compressor in front of an international pro audience. The list of exhibitors was a real who is who in professional audio and promised four interesting trade show days at the expo area at the Porte de Versailles. So tickets ready, steady, go!

Convened at the booth of our American distributor: Tonelux, Empirical Labs, the gearslutz lounge and elysia. Four highlights so close to each other proved to be a real magnet to the interested public...

Paul Wolff presented his Tonelux modular audio system mounted in a console for the first time. This is an extremely flexible concept, and the modules really sound terrific. Also obviously impressed: Dave from Empirical Labs and Greg from Wave Distribution.

The spirit of the show couldn't have been much better. Just one of many photo evidences: Hutch (designer of the Massive Passive, VariMu, etc.) from Manley Laboratories and Dominik having a good time and smiling happily.

Manley part 2: EveAnna and Dominik chillaxing on one of those super comfortable couches in the gearslutz lounge. EveAnna definitely has the coolest trade show outfit! The obligatory baguette is of course part of the party, too ;-)

Same couch, just a few hours later: the almost complete team of the gearslutz moderators lounging. There was an extra notebook for posting on site, and an extra fridge for killing your thirst (keyword: beerslutz).

Dave Derr, president of Empirical Labs and designer of ingenious tools like the Distressor, Fatso and LilFreq, checking out the alpha compressor. Dave's units are so cool - freaky machines that let you create the most spacy sounds in no time at all. A real treat! He liked the alpha compressor very much, by the way.

Next round. Here we see Paul Wolff taking a discerning test of the alpha compressor. Result: passed! Who knows, who knows, maybe one day there will even be an elysia module for Paul's system? We like the idea - a lot...

Home match for the team of French Distributor Juke Box Limited. We met Frédéric at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt for the first time, and in Paris we got to know the rest of this nice gang. Salut!

Closing time. Ruben, Dominik, Gil Griffith (president of Wave Distribution) and Dave are preparing themselves for the gearslutz dinner while having a neat after show drink. Our best thanks again for having us there, Gil!

One hour later - in the restaurant. Engineers, studio owners, manufacturers and other equipment freaks raise their glasses to praise Julian Standen aka Jules, who not only runs the gearslutz forum, but also organized the lounge and the dinner at the AES.

Another photo of the gearslutz dinner. Dave Derr, Alamo Studio Team, Tom Van Den Heuvel, Douglas Fearn, Matthijs ... altogether more than 40 great guys where there! And for the entertainment of all there was an almost-fight between the owners of the restaurant.

On the last day the elysia team decided to go into a short overtime because Paris is such a great city, and the weather was just right, too. So we happily stayed one day longer and went on an exploration tour through New York. Well, not quite, but ... anyway - Lady Liberty is greeting friendly at the Seine, too.

Well, and on the bank straight in front of the statue, that. Come on, would you give your boat a name like that? Ok, at the moment there is not a single water craft in the elysia fleet, so we'll drop that for the moment.

And here finally comes the unavoidable picture of the Eiffel Tower. In fact taken out of itself: from the top, just before sunset. With all that idyll in front of us, the chaos rising just on the other side at the same time stayed unnoticed for quite a while...

... a change in the weather of downright apocalyptic dimensions. Armageddon over Paris. And, to the obvious surprise of the large group of tourists on top of the Eiffel Tower, it headed straight towards them...

...but in the end everything kept its place and Paris' figurehead number one was on its best behavior once again - with a breathtaking flashlight show as real tower of power. The next European AES will take place from May 5th to May 8th 2007 in Vienna. We're already looking forward to it ;-)