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Musikmesse Frankfurt
Lucky Number Sevin ;-)
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
Old friends, new friends.
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Fifth anniversary
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
Less trouble, more fun.
Unicorn or time travel?
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
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Direct Metal Mastering
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
Second sighting, twice as good
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We love New York!
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How everything started
The alpha compressor and how it entered ...
Musikmesse Frankfurt
Premiere in Frankfurt/Main
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Baguette and class-A
Emergency Compressor
First aid for dynamic disasters 
AES San Francisco
elysia tours the United States

Musikmesse Frankfurt 2013

Lucky Number Sevin ;-)

Lewis Chiodo of Audio Chocolate in Australia.

Suchit Ahuja of Beatbox Entertainment in New Delhi.

Roger Schult, posing as the Mad Audio Professor one more time.

Fab Dupont in action.


Minimain 12 by BareFoot Sound.

As well as freaky speakers: the Metallik Resonator by EOWAVE.

alpha perspective.

Dominik and Dave Bryce. 

The Vertigo crew and Tom enjoying some of his cookies.

Thomas Kristiansson of TK Audio/Vintage Design.

The elysia product range until now... more to follow very soon! 

Ruben and Jürg from Vovox.

And this had only been the starting shot for the trade show marathon 2013. Tom rushed on to Audio Days Paris, while Ruben and Dominik prepared for NAMM Moscow!

Musikmesse keeps calling us time and again, and we follow happily. For the seventh time in elysia history, the crew got on its way to Frankfurt... 

Roland Storch of Adebar Acoustics and Kelly Kay of Josephson Engineering.

Anne Goerth and Stefan Bahr of Audio Logistics/Metric Halo. 

Denis Goekdag of Zynaptiq, demoing their new product: Unfilter!

Want to play? This looks like fun!

Mix with the Masters!

Freaky controllers... we love them!

The Q-Factor glowing in the dark.

Dangerous people: Stefan Heger of Mastering Works.

Group portrait with our friends from Music Mag in Russia.

Will Kahn from Burl Audio with some of their great stuff!

Kevin Walker of Unity Audio in front of the Rocks.

On visit: Roger Cloud! 

Nice surprise: Roland Guerin saying hello just before the end of the show.