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Less trouble, more fun.
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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011

Less trouble, more fun.

The first big benefit: Everything we needed could be packed into the trunk of Ruben's car. Very compact indeed.

And here we have another friendly booth-sharer: Roland Storch from Adebar Acoustics enjoying his caffeine.

Also part of the party: the guys from Vertigo Sound. They even went to another trade show in Paris right after Frankfurt.

Dirk Brauner, one of our favorite All Star guests. We still have your signature alpha compressor serial plate in stock ;-)

Some participants in the whiskey tasting session sponsored by Metric Halo, Surround SFX and elysia. Cheers!

Return of the copycats. This time, Roger is the charming victim. Watch the web for updates, dudes...

Tobias Menguser from Native Instruments visiting our all-in-one booth. Very short ways - less trouble, more fun.

Tearing down the whole thing was easy as anticipated. Never before have we left the trade show ground and entered the restaurant this fast on the last day ;-)

In 2010 we had a pretty large booth which required a lot of time and strength to set up and tear down. This time we preferred to share one large space with some friends...

Roger Schult giving one of his famous mad professor performances. Make sure to watch his crazy videos as well!

Stefan Bahr from Metric Halo demoing the Q and his new mastering EQ. An impressive sound and light show.

Jonathan Little from Little Labs and Tom VDH having a little chat at the elysia booth. Jonathan's glasses rule!

The Tomo Audio Labs guys and Dominik exchanging market observations and some tech talk as well.

Also taking part in our little tasting session: Gil from Wave Distribution and Fletcher from Telefunken.

Some more pointing at nice equipment... this time featuring George aka Big George from gearslutz.

We're on TV again! Non Eric from Musotalk is always fun to talk to, and their videos really reflect this.