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Musikmesse Frankfurt
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
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Musikmesse Frankfurt
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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2009

Meet the family

Our forth round of Musikmesse! This time, the position of our booth right in the middle of the hall was much better than ever before! 5.1 C81 - it seems that this will also be the magic formula for next time. Let's start our report a little different for a change, and that with three very informative videos produced by the people of 96kHz.de | The Pro Audio Portal. There are English voice overs, and if your connection is good for it, make sure to watch the clips in HD quality!

          Making the videos...
          the 96kHz.de crew at work.

          Enjoying the show:
          Gil Griffith and Michael Wagener.

          Our fan base.
          They are getting younger every day...

          Denis Goekdag: got an mpressor -
          museq coming soon, right?

          Andr√© Inderfurth from SPL
          and Ruben caught chatting.

          Stefan Bahr and Anne Goerth
          (United Minorities/Metric Halo).

          Family business.
          Well, almost...

          I have never taken one single
          normal picture of Tom VDH.

          A little foretaste of Hamburg:
          High End Beer!

          Spanish high spirits:
          Nick Litwin from Mastering Mansion Madrid

          Our very charming
          demolition team in action.

          Did it again: four crazy Messe days
          are over. And now: Party time!

          MAXimum entertainment.
          No further comment.


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