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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2007

Second sighting, twice as good

Time really kept flying by like nothing - just when the first alphas had found their proud owners, it was time to head for the Musikmesse again! Of course we felt lots of pleasant anticipation, as Frankfurt definitely is a home game and besides that we also had packed our new product highlight to be presented for the first time...

Let's start with a promise that was a true pleasure to keep! It's time to celebrate the return of the trade show bonsai. If you feel a little bit irritated now, please check here for enlightenment. Ok, ok, the true original got quite frayed in the meantime and was replaced at short notice ... but maybe it would be better to report first things first anyway:

Same procedure as last year: Our booth in hall 5.1 D64. But where are the products? And especially that heavily promoted novelty? Planned with regards to even the smallest of details, the big revelation was covered by professional onlookers until the very last moment! The tall guys on the left side, the smaller ones to the right.

And then, finally the big moment had come to present our second strike to the world of audio. We start with a nice front side perspective. Of Gil Griffith, president of Wave Distribution. And of our new creative compressor, too, of course. Great gear & the Gilmeister - the winning combination!

Here comes the corresponding side view. The keen knob tweaker is Michael Nötges from Professional Audio, by the way. It's out of question, compressing like that is pure fun. Just ask Michael - I think he is still dreaming of it. So here we have a good reason to be careful - the mpressor is highly addictive!

The back panel is exclusively presented by our French division aka Tom Van Den Heuvel. Hey wait a minute - is this all fake? No cables plugged into that thing? No way, we're doing everything live! Only the external sidechain of the mpressor is not in action here. Which is almost sad, as this feature makes the whole thing even wilder.

Of course the alpha compressor was also part of the party, too. The picture shows Dr. Rubenstein with his incredible creature. The beauty and the beast, so to say - but who is who? Really hard to say! Perhaps it would be a good idea to start a reader poll on that question. Anyway, relevant hints on this issue are highly appreciated at all times.

And here we have our hall of fame, the result of many demo tours and studio visits. Compression makes the world go round ... well, at least we have really seen quite some places presenting the alpha compressor. And it absolutely did happen that people didn't allow us to take home the unit we had brought for demonstration ever again ;-)

Ruben in in-depth discussion with Jürg Vogt, creator of the ingenious VOVOX cables. Of course it is absolutely no secret anymore that good cables are about half of the whole story. Well, this is also true for the internal cabling of an audio unit. Therefore, substantial as well as insightful tests were necessary until finally also the wires sounded 'right'.

Top secret: Besides the mpressor and the alpha we also had another high end machine up our sleeves. In fact I am talking about this exquisite compact draft machine for a cultivated closing time drink after 5 pm at 3 degrees Centigrade. Now you know. Dear beerslutz, of course you are always welcome to assist us in this matter at all times.

Fritz Fey from studio magazin performs the mpressor check. He looks quite satisfied, doesn't he? Apart from that, I keep asking myself what Tom is doing there in the background! Looks like an armed robbery, doesn't it ... but yeah, he wouldn't be the first one to take strange measures in the hunt for new gear (deleted by consorship).

Also addicted to mpressor: our friend Robert Babic aka Rob Acid. Besides of being a first-hour supporter of the elysia brand, he had a very nice surprise for us: the promo CD of his new album, "A cheerful temper". If you are interested in top-notch electronic music, be sure to check his great stuff out. Where? Here!

Another grand guest at our booth: Wade Goeke from Chandler Limited tests the mpressor. Hard times for Tom, because he had to keep his fingers off the unit in the meantime. Well, Wade liked the unit by all means, and we liked the fact, of course. Behind that we see a person with no head, but why be responsive to things like that?

Rob Warmowski and his Gearwire team have catched Dominik to find out about some interesting details about the mpressor at first hand. Interested in a little video? Alright, just click here. On top of that there is a guided tour by Ruben who shows you around the wonderful interior of our new sound machine. Click here for new insights.

After all the nice promotion for our new product we were sold out very quickly. The adjoining photo proof doesn't leave the slightest doubt. And I'm pretty sure the shoe would also have found a customer in no time at all, if it wasn't for that funny smell. But I'm afraid things are somehow becoming dubious, right? Wonderful.

Sold out, voices lost, ears ringing, beer pool empty - yep, time to go home. The final picture shows the desolate view after we had packed all the beautiful things again ... but we will return, that's out of question. Trade show bonsai part III and things like that, you know. But for now, we're out: elysia has left the building.