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Audio Days Paris 2013

Encore une fois

A star is born!

Christophe Bouillot (Hors Phase) and Kelly Kay (Josephson).

Impromptu battle (Tube-Tech vs. Rockruepel vs. elysia). Ready to Rumble!

Our dear friend Rich Williams from Burl Audio.

Raphäel Jonin (J Raphing Mastering) taking some Class-A heat.

Roger Schult + Peter Reardon (Shadow Hills) + Tom VDH.

Very good audience for this 3rd Audio Days in Paris!

This time, the elysia team needed to split after Musikmesse in order to keep up the trade show craziness: While Ruben and Dominik prepared for NAMM Moscow, Tom headed for Audio Days Paris.

Almost ready for the show.

Dave Hill (Dave Hill Design) interviewed.

Jesper Bo Nielsen (Tube-Tech) taking some more heat from the nvelope.

Philippe Teissier du Cros getting the "nvelope touch".

Roger explaining his gear to the Kamasutra Lovers!

The new Daft-Punk (Tom VDH + Stefan Heger) and their Tube-Tech Dance. 

This episode of Audio Days was even better than our first one... a great show. We'll certainly be back in 2014 for another round.