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AES San Francisco
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AES San Francisco 2010

Ghandi & the Giants

Let's start this little photo story with a gorgeous view from the plane on the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate.
Jürg from VOVOX und Stefan from Mastering Works joining Ruben in giving thumbs up for our gear - much appreciated!
elysia complete: alpha compressor, museq, mpressor and xpressor 500 as a nice stack. Analog deluxe!
Brainworx visiting! Michael and Ruben (with hair) on the left, Dominik and Dirk (without) on the right ;-)
The smart crew from Burl Audio (Kevin, Rich, Will) proudly presenting their latest stunt: the B80 Mothership!
Visiting the Studio Economik booth (nice alpha there) and saying Hi to Francois - the master of cool trade show shirts!
Casey from Bricasti Design reminding me of giving him a phone call concering this sidechain thing... will do!
This alpha compressor shipping box has traveled quite a distance and might have seen more studios than we did...
While the temperatures felt like summer, there was still quite some fog going on from time to time...
No trip to San Francisco without crossing the Golden Gate at least once. We ARE tourists after all ;-)
A fully functional retro Sci-Fi train. Something you would not necessarily expect to see in real life anymore these days.
The driver of this Cadillac has only two options: a) he owns this place b) he will be in serious trouble very soon...
While driving the Highway 1 you come across an impressive totem pole, and this face is of course just a small part of it.
Welcome to Santa Cruz! Home of Burl Audio, home of the surfers, and home of many great memories on our stay in 2008.
The Burl Audio AES party took place in the Great American Music Hall. Here you only see the crowded bar, however.
And right on the other side of the street there was this wild piano player, entertaining the crowd with old school movie-style tunes.

And this is it. At the airport, we met the guys from Softube who were on the same flight... small world. The flight itself back home was easy, but looooooong.

A trip to California is always a pleasure. Taking place a little later than usual, the AES surprised us with summer-like temperatures in November!

Right on, here's the most important trade show news of all: Dave Derr from Empirical Labs sets a new color trend. Blue is IT!
Greg aka UBK from KuSh Audio obviously loves his products and shows some alternative ways of using them!
Francois and Olivier from Alternate Soundings presenting the California edition of their 500 series pre - no better place for it.
Dr. Gil and Mr. Meister - just click the image and you'll see ;-) So Wave Distribution is also following the blue trend...
Meet the mastering tech specialists: Crispin Murray from Metropolis Mastering and Phillip Sztenderowicz from Sterling Sound.
Wade from Chandler Limited and Jules from Gearslutz kindly posing in front of our gear. Thank you very much, guys!
Martin from Sound Service stepping in. One of the guys we meet at every show, which is great.
We had some time off, too. Here we took a trip to Twin Peaks to enjoy the wonderful panorama on San Francisco.
The San Francisco Giants had just won their first World Series Championship when we arrived - and this was really omnipresent ;-)
These funny little pals surprised us on the way back to the hotel. The trash is escaping the bin and fleeing into the city!
This high-riser instantly reminded me of the Blade Runner movie. Science Fiction architecture at its best.
It would really be cool to have on of these. However, I forget numbers faster than my keys... anyway.
Dieter from Studio Magazin is taking a break from travelling Highway 1 to take some pictures of the Pacific Ocean.
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is the oldest fun fair in California... you'll meet lots of surfers, sea lions and lazy birds there.
This guy was drumming like crazy and singing to his beats right in the street. I'd wish we had someone like him at home...
The Bay Bridge at night, shortly after enjoying a wonderful dinner in San Franciso's harbor area.