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AES San Francisco


Out of wet and cold Germany - straight into sunny California! The 125th AES from October 3rd to 5th was just the right occasion to make it happen. It turned out to be a true adventure, though, including missed connecting flights, an unintended stay in Bad Nauheim, lost luggage and so on...

Unfortunately, the prototype of our brand new EQ was also placed in those cases that did not make their way on the plane. Therefore "listen to the museq" was not possible before the second day of the show. The same is true of the camera... Thus, let's start right in the middle this time.

Is there something usable being shown on TV today? Nothing?? As if! Ruben continues his triumphal procession through the international media landscape and presents himself (and the museq respectively) on gearwire. Just click here for the complete clip. Showtime!

If Dave from Empirical Labs makes a demo of his ingenious products, the booth will start to get really crowded and no question will be left unanswered. This year's new star: the DerrEsser module for API's 500 series. It works really fine - well, that's Dave.

Erwin from ES-Proaudio and Ruben are posing right in front of the wall of elysia. It's highly visible that the mpressor has been nominated for a TEC-Award this year! Sadly, others have won the price, but the exclusive dinner tasted just fine, anyway. Yummy, yummy...

Oh oh, the first days have already left their traces. Tom still looks fine straight away, but Olivier from Alternate Soundings shows apparent signs of fatigue. What had happened? Honestly, we do not know. But no matter if wide awake or not, we always enjoy meeting Mr. al.so!

Casey from Bricasti Design gets introduced to the new museq. Quotation Casey: "Do you know why I still have not bought an alpha in the meantime? I simply work too much and just don't find enough spare time. But the day will definitively come." Cool!

Meet the Fearns: Tom (is there anything he's not involved in?), Tad and Master Doug, of course. Doug was so kind to lend us one of his excellently recorded (Abbey Road) demo track CDs (we remember: no luggage for elysia). Thanks again for helping us out!

Jules from gearslutz has a hard life: every trend has to be spotted; every new product announcement has to be checked. On the other hand, one could imagine worse tasks, couldn't one? Sadly, this year there was no gearslutz louge, therefore we enjoyed his visit even more.

The secret life of Rich Williams: After the AES, the mind behind Burl Audio mutates into the furious lead singer of the band Burlacticus Undertow. Should this be anything else but a truly extravagant, fancy and spacy after show entertainment, I don't know anything at all.

After the gig, in front of the pub: Another gorgeous result of mobile phone photography presents Aaron aka "Tiny", the living proof that size is - after all - a relative thing. A guy that Gil, John and rich can look up to with reverence. 5XL, if you know what I mean.

John and Standpipe are obviously the coolest gang in the streets of San Francisco. Wearing hats has become the latest fashion again, and for a reason. Standpipe would give a lot to join in, but it doesn't work out. It would surely look nice, but the labor contract says no. What a pity.

A trip to San Francisco just isn't complete without a visit of Fisherman's Wharf! Here we have a look at the illustrious concert of the sea lions at Pier 39. Thankfully, there is no aroma projecting internet yet, as the situation you see not only produced lots of noise...

Dave on a shopping tour in one of the most colorful shops in the world. Of course we are located directly on the corner of  Haight-Ashbury, where besides buying the most shrill dresses on the planet one can still meet born-and-bred hippies in the street.

Gil is known for not making any compromises concerning his taste of cars, which he proved again with his choice of the wheels for the ride from San Francisco to Santa Cruz: this time we didn't have a Navigator, but a gigantic Chevrolet Suburban. Looks like a ship, behaves like a ship.

Let's get back to Tiny for a short moment: Compared to these huge redwood trees, even Aaron would not look as impressive as in any other situation. Dominik, Ruben and John put everything in the right scale. A look overhead would show the following: the sky is the limit.

These giants really do grow huge, but at the same time they are extremely old as well. Honestly, who could claim to have been present when Jesus was born (at least having the temporal aspect in mind)? And by the way, do you know Terry Pratchett's story with the counting trees?

Beachboys 2008: Ruben, Rich, John and Kevin lounging on a Santa Cruz beach. Days like these make you want not to go home again: Super surf and around 25 degrees Centigrade - and all this in the middle of October, mind you. California is the place to be, if you ask me.

Nice weather, nice mood. At this point we would like to thank Daniel so much for the great hospitality and the more than convenient stay. The same goes out to Rich, who made our visit in Santa Cruz something special. Thanks a lot, guys. Right on!

On and on and on and on ... a final look at the Pacific, and then the trip continues towards Mexico. To tell you the truth, I would really like to know how many miles Gil has traveled in the name of audio... with even more flying hours ahead: Musikmesse 2009 is coming soon!

With this idyllic sunset we would like to say goodbye from Santa Cruz for now. Two developers, one hot tub, perfect. And there is some joyful news at the end of the story, too: we did not have the slightest problem on our trip back. Well, all of our stuff was inspected by custom authorities...