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AES New York 2007

We love New York!

Already AES again? Unbelievable...But this time it took place at the East Coast, and therefore the time lag would be six hours 'only'. Alright, let's turn our attention to New York City, Javits Center, 5th to 8th October 2007: US premiere for the mpressor that had just come out of serial production!

We start with a self-portrait of our congenial pro audio heroes directly in front of the convention center. Did you notice that? The weather was absolutely summer like, and we already had October. The year before we had walked through New York at the same time in thick coats!

Michael Brauer from MHB Productions follows Ruben performing an elaborate demo of the special features of the mpressor. Less than ten minutes later he ordered one for his studio - that was love at first sight, obviously.

Casey Dowdell from Bricasti Design is a big fan of the alpha compressor: "I definitively need one of these for my studio. Oh yes, and it is going to happen soon". What can we respond to this? Ditto! Because the M7 is also missing badly in our own rack. How knows, maybe soon..

Michael Wagener from Wireworld Studio explores the potentials of the alpha compressor and announces his interest to continue the demo during an extended test in his studio after the show. On his right side you can observe a clearly documented case of phase displacement.

The chief of the gearslutz tribe: Jules Standen right in the middle of his small but nice trade show lounge. Sadly, though, we were missing that very useful refrigerator. Because I am very sure that this whole beerslutz matter has not been closed yet ;-)

Starting on the right side, here we have Douglas Fearn, his wife Charlene and Tom Van Den Heuvel. Doug is about to release his new Vacuum Tube Recording Channel into the market very soon - a best of Fearn, so to say, and it is very likely going to be another hit!

Brian Lucey from Magic Garden Mastering is not only a satisfied elysia pioneer straight from the beginning, but also obviously enthused by the qualities of our second strike. By the way, be sure to have a look at the alpha compressor demo video featuring Brian!

A meeting of the generations: On the left we have Rich Williams who released his B2 Bomber AD Converter under the label of his newly founded company Burl Audio just in time for the AES. And on the right there is none lesser than Dave Derr from Emprical Labs, of course.

And here is a photo taken at the obligatory gearslutz dinner, this time at the Aspen Restaurant and Lounge: Dirk Ulrich and Paul Grütter from brainworx enjoy their well-deserved after work drinks. It seems that we meet these guys anywhere we go - especially at the airport...

Later on the same evening: The Gilmeister encounters illumination! It is kind of hard to figure what this was all about in retrospect. But if you know Gil Griffith from Wave Distribution just a little bit, you know what was going to happen next: Definitively something funny!

Everybody knows it - advertisements can be very, very expensive. But this campaign here clearly blew all budgets ;-) No kidding: that thing really just looked like that! And it really hung at that specific wall! Somewhere around Times Square! And the elysia logo... well, never mind.

Raymond Wu (left) and Romeo Law from Ray's Group, our distributor for Hong Kong, China and Taiwan. Hopefully we'll find an opportunity to visit these guys one day. Admittedly, I am still pretty glad that we did not have to produce additional front panels in Chinese ;-)

A really great audience at the AES in New York, and a spirit similar to a rock concert. No wonder that Dominik gets into good humor: Poser gestures, Scandals T-shirt, backstage pass, all inclusive! Thank you very much, Adamson, and let's repeat this next time!

Almost wearing the same glasses: Wade from Chandler Limited and Bo Medin from Golden Age Music in Sweden. Bo prefers a clear view, while Wade tends towards seeing things rose-colored. I keep asking myself what the world lookes like if he ever decides to take this thing off?

News from France: Olivier Bolling from Alternate Soundings presents a complete set of new modules for the series 500 rack system. A pretty interesting concept, because Olivier's modules can be combined to complete mixing and recording in a very compact form factor.

Did it - again! Right in between the remains of what had been a trade show booth until less than an hour earlier, Dave, Ruben and Dominik discuss the past few days. Only a few minutes later, the first circuit ideas are in the air and then drawn onto random pieces of paper. Oh, boy!

Why is it that I never seem to be able to take a decent photo of Jonathan Little from Little Labs? Anyway, this shot was taken at our last collective dinner with Geoff Daking, Dave Derr, etc. - a truly genial completion of a great time we had during the AES in New York City.