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-18 dBFS is the new 0 dBu

elysia Gainstaging Blogpost Cover

This Blogpost is about Gain staging and the integration of analog hardware in modern DAW Systems. The results? -18 dBFS is the new 0dBu.

How to deal with audio latency

How to deal with audio latency - blog -

Are you suffering from annoying latencies in your audio production? Please read this blog post to get the background about latency and how to solve it.

The ultimate elysia compressor guide

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You’d like to know, how an elysia compressor works, what compressor you can use for which music styles, single sounds, instruments? Here you will find all the answers.

elysia on tour

elysiaontour scaled 1

We had a great idea sending a rack with all our 500 Series Modules to talented music producer, musicians and mastering engineers in the US.

Transient Designer Part 2

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The second and last part of the Transient Designer Story from Ruben Tilgner, the inventor of the Transient Designer | Transient Shaper Technology and CEO of elysia GmbH.

Transient Designer

Ruben blog neu

The invention of the Transient Designer / Transient Shaper Technology from Ruben Tilgner, CEO and Founder of elysia GmbH. The first part of his Story about inventing one of most popular technologies in audio processing of the 90s.