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picture of the elysia karacter qube

karacter karacter colored. dirty. saturated. Overview Class-A Stereo saturator for recording, mixing and mastering Mastering Grade – controlled and precisely adjustable True stereo link Broad sound spectrum from extreme to subtle Onboard parallel mix control Switchable Fet Shred mode for tube-like distortion M/S Mode Color control for saturation behavior in the bass range Turbo Boost […]


picture of the elysia xfilter qube.

xfilter xfilter precise. open. versatile. Overview Class-A Stereo Equalizer for recoding, mixing and mastering 4-Band equalizer Passive Massage sound option True Stereo link Clean fundamental sound due to Class-A circuitry High-/Low-Cut with variable resonance Switchable Q characteristic in the mid bands Stepped and matched potentiometers Quick and intuitive results Video By loading the video, you agree to YouTube’s […]